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AO Standard HMD from Germany

SKU: BTO-AO-HMD-Aluminum

AO Standard HMD from Germany:

- Universal attachment: with the base diameter of 74 mm, our AO Hmd fits standard shisha head types, such as sapphires No.5, Kaloud Samsaris, AO Phunnel, Oblako phunnel L and other smokebox phunnel and single-hole shisha head.

- Longer smoke duration: use our HMD Sandblasted upgrade edition smokebox effectively increases the charcoal burning time. Only 2 coals achieve approx. 120 minutes. Another plus: the tobacco tastes more intense

- Simple head construction: no more tinkering with aluminium foil or getting hot fingers. You can simply put our smokebox on the shisha head, fill the charcoal stones and your ideal head construction is ready.

- Perfect accessories: charcoal stones are safely stored in our AO HMD Sandblasted Upgrade Edition Smokebox, because they also act as a shisha wind protection. The lever on the lid also protects the fingers

Premium material: thanks to the use of the best materials, such as aluminium, our shisha smokebox is not only a stylish eye-catcher, but also particularly durable and robust

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Color: Aluminum
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