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INVI Frequent Flyer Hookah Package

SKU: BTO-Bundle-Invi-Reflection-AF

Introducing the INVI Frequently Flyer Bundle - Get ready to embark on a journey of taste sensations with our exclusive bundle, featuring three brand-new Al Fakher shisha flavors in 250g sizes: Georgia Peach Pie, California Citrus Breeze, and a tasty Florida Orange Creamsicle. Plus, we're throwing in a 72-piece box of charcoal to fuel your hookah adventures and keep the smoke going.

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INVI Frequent Flyer Bundle

Our INVI Reflection hookah is more than just a smoke machine; it's a work of art. CNC crafted from high-quality V2A stainless steel, it seamlessly combines stunning aesthetics with impressive durability for a lifetime of usage. This hookah pipe design is elegantly simple, mirroring the smooth lines of the base and modern tray.

Here's why you'll love the INVI Reflection:

  • Multi-Hose Capability: The hub is engineered to accommodate up to four hoses, allowing you to share the hookah experience with friends. The twist-to-lock base connection ensures a secure fit and prevent any air leakage.
  • Versatile Hose Adapters: Experience ultimate convenience with our unique metal-to-metal hose adapters. Use them to attach the included hose adapters or any hoses with metal heel ends. For all other hoses, regular hose grommets work seamlessly, or you can slide the silicone tubing directly onto the adapters.
  • Silent Sessions: Say goodbye to noisy sessions while watching a movie or gaming. The removable diffuser at the bottom of the downstem minimizes noise and guarantees a peaceful ambiance.
  • Premium Silicone Tubing Hose: We've included a high-grade silicone tubing hose with a spring to prevent kinking, ensuring you enjoy smooth, uninterrupted draws.
  • Heat Management: The clay bowl comes equipped with a screen/chimney-style heat management device, preventing coal ash from falling into your shisha while evenly distributing heat.

It's time to talk about the taste experience included with our Frequently Flyer Bundle, where the stars of the show are three exciting new Al Fakher shisha blends. Prepare to tantalize your taste buds and elevate your hookah experience:

  • Georgia Peach Pie: This flavor is a harmonious blend of spiced peach, crisp green apple, and delicate jasmine. A symphony of tastes, it's enriched with the opulent notes of vanilla, the exotic touch of coconut, and the lushness of plum. Your taste buds are in for a delightful, fruity journey like no other.
  • Florida Orange Dreamsicle: Immerse yourself in the tangy zest of oranges coupled with the smooth, dreamy sweetness of vanilla. It's like a creamy, citrus-infused dream that dances on your palate. You'll be transported to a world of sunny, Florida-inspired delight.
  • California Citrus Breeze: This mix offers a refreshing citrus trio of orange, lemon, and grapefruit, perfectly balanced and brought to life with a hint of invigorating mint. It's a zesty and rejuvenating breeze that refreshes your senses with every puff.

To enhance these exquisite flavor profiles, we're including a 72-piece box of Al Fakher cube-shaped natural coconut hookah charcoal. These coals are the perfect companion for your new flavor adventures, as they're designed to provide the cleanest and most robust heat, ensuring you savor every note of these exceptional blends. Prepare for a flavor explosion like no other – because in the world of hookah, it's all about the perfect balance of taste, aroma, and quality. Your journey awaits with the Frequently Flyer Bundle.

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