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Hookah Vacuum Starter Pro

SKU: BTO-Misc-HookahVacuum-StarterPro

The hookah starter pro features a longer battery life with improved suction. This vacuum wasn't designed to pick up debris around your hookah, instead this pocket gadget will save your breathe when it comes time to start your sessions.

Color: Black
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Hookah Vacuum Starter Pro

The Hookah Vacuum Starter Pro jump starts your session by simply inserting your hookah hose into the cone shape attachment and allowing it to take the first few pulls. Once the smoke fills up in the base your session is ready to go, and you get to experience your bowl in it's prime on the first inhale.

This large cone opening makes it easy to use with an assortment of hose mouth tip designs, and it can be disassembled for a quick clean. The built-in exhaust port allows this device to operate without a break, but we recommended using it with breathe like pauses to prevent your coals from getting to hot. Save your breathe and give the Hookah Vacuum a shot.

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