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Khalil Mamoon Kamanja Ice Double Hookah

SKU: BTO-Hookah-KM-Kamanja-Ice-Double

Featuring two of the "violin" shapes and an ice chamber to boot, the Khalil Mamoon Kamanja Ice Double hookah is the taller cousin of the KM Kamanja Hookah.

Color: Ice
Included Premium Shisha Flavor:
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Khalil Mamoon Kamanja Ice Double Hookah

Adding some additional flare to its counterpart, this hookah stands at 33 inches tall and features a uniquely decorative stem with a bright sheen metal exterior that features hand engraved designs that are sure to impress. 

This hookah also features a deep ice bucket that allows you to add some ice cubes around the stem to further cool down your smoke. Perfect for a warm summer day!

This Kamanja Ice Double shaft will come with a classic Khalil Mamoon base and a signature KM hookah hose. The bowl is made of traditional clay and comes with all necessary grommets, tongs, and everything you need to smoke as soon as it arrives.

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