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Shishabucks Cloud Tank Hookah

SKU: BTO-Hookah-Shishabucks-Cloud-Tank

Even smaller than the Cloud Micro, Shishabucks has introduced the Cloud Tank hookah into their product lineup. Looking for something more compact and portable? This one's for you.

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Shishabucks Cloud Tank Hookah

Designed in Canada and engineered from CNC machined aluminum, the metal hardware of this pipe has been sand-blasted and anodized to create an exterior finish that is resistant to rust/corrosion (with proper maintenance) and flavor "ghosting". This means the flavors from your previous sessions will not absorb into or stain the down stem.


The body of the hookah will rest atop a thick, shatter resistant acrylic base for your water. Accidentally drop your hookah or base? Since there is no glass present, your hookah will be much less likely to break.


The traditional style, "inside-fitting" bowl port allows a variety of hookah bowls to be used with this piece. Shishabucks has created the metal Sky Bowl (sold separately) for their hookahs, however any bowl we carry will fit great on the Cloud Tank!


Right beneath the bowl port, they have hidden the "invisible" purge valve. No more messing around with purge caps or ball bearings, as the purge system is contained within the hookah itself. Just gently blow into your hose for 1-2 seconds and watch any harsh or stale shisha smoke shoot out from around the bowl.


Within the down stem itself, Shishabucks fits these hookahs with a "one-way" valve that stops water from going up through the hookah when purging, preventing someone from accidentally blasting water into your bowl and ruining the session.


Moving on down, the wide-gauge down stem comes with a built-in diffuser which helps "break up" the air/smoke being pulled through the hookah, allowing for a smoother, quieter shisha session.


The acrylic base features an ultra-wide opening allows all parts to be disassembled and neatly stored inside the base. It's compact nature, stability, and well thought-out storage capability make the Cloud Tank an ideal tabletop or travel hookah.


Note: You must be 21 years old to purchase this product.

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