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Hookah Tobacco Review: Fumari Hookah Tobacco - Banana Twist

Hookah Tobacco Review: Fumari Hookah Tobacco - Banana Twist

By Jono / February 25, 2011

Some of the best things about early A.M. risings are enjoying pancakes with a pound of syrup on top, a nice hot cup of coffee, and a pastry that has more calories than a Big Mac. However, no morning routine is complete without your good friend Mr. Hookah! Typical morning flavors are Fumari Blueberry Muffin, Romman Turkish Coffee, and one of my favorites Al Tawareg Orange Cream. Let me add one more to the list - Fumari Banana Twist hookah tobacco! This one is sure to wake up your snoozing senses! Fumari Banana Twist smells like a fruit medley banana split and is nothing short of delicious! At first it tasted like a rich, smooth banana cream, but after the heat gets going, the creamy chocolate undertones shine through. I can just imagine how sensationally perfect this would taste with a pinch of Fantasia Mon' Cherry mixed in. Cherry is the only thing missing from this banana split-esque hookah flavor. However, I don't think you'll even miss the cherry on top once you taste Fumari Banana Twist. I imagine you'll be daydreaming about that stack of pancakes instead. Try Fumari Banana Twist hookah tobacco today and start enjoying your mornings even more! What are your favorite morning hookah mixes? Let us know by commenting below or by posting on our Facebook page! We look forward to reading your responses. Happy Smoking!

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