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How To: Smoke Hookah At Your Home

How To: Smoke Hookah At Your Home

By smokeorpass / December 12, 2018

When it comes to your first hookah experience in most cases people start off at a hookah lounge, and other situations include a friends house or a club scenario. You might enjoy the experience so much that you want to recreate it at your home without the lounge surroundings.

Is this possible? Yes!

Is this hard? No!

Today, I hope to get you all set to enjoy a hookah session at your house with friends or solo. I'll go over the tools you need and some helpful tips to ensure that your house doesn't go up in flames or reek of strong smoke profiles.

What Do You Need?

  • Hookah
  • Shisha tobacco
  • Charcoal
  • Charcoal heater or lighter
  • Tongs/coal carrier
  • Foil or HMD
  • Water
  • A Home or designated smoking area
  • Paper towel
  • Hookah cleaning brushes

How To Setup Your Hookah

Before you call ANYONE over to enjoy a hookah session you have to make that you can setup a hookah for yourself first. If you're taking the hookah out for the first time you'll want to get out your Hookah Cleaning Brushes to give the pipe a deep clean. When you get in to the habit of cleaning it often you won't have to go as deep as you would on the initial clean.

Check Your Surroundings

The difference between smoking at a hookah lounge versus smoking at home is the fact that lounges are designed to have hookahs on the floor/tables and your home is laid out for you to live within. This hasn't stop the millions of us that enjoy a hookah at home it just requires a little bit of preperation.

If you have animals it's best to setup your hookah in space that they can't access easily or create a small wall around the base to prevent any accidental knocks. If you plan on using your hookah on a table to prevent this from happening you may want to choose a smaller hookah so you can still reach the top of your bowl for heat managment. 

A messy room isn't a clean room. I'm not gonna tell you to clean your room but you'll want to make some space for this hookah to rest evenly on a flat surface. 


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