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HookahJohn Hookah Bowls

HookahJohn Hookah Bowls FAQ

As a smoker, you're probably familiar with the iconic collection of HookahJohn hookah bowls. Every piece is made using an exceptionally high-quality blend of clay. Original designs like the Retro Harmony and 80 Feet Espana bowls are known throughout the world for their reliability, consistency, and long-lasting performance. The colorful combinations allow you to personalize your hookah accessories, while the raised phunnel designs deliver premium-level smoke sessions and full flavor from your shisha. More importantly, they're all priced reasonably.


Where are HookahJohn bowls made?

HookahJohn bowls are handmade by experienced clay artisans in the United States, specifically in California. The hookah bowls are made with food-grade glazes and handcrafted with a very traditional feel. You get a top-quality HookahJohn product without having to pay a high price.

What kind of bowl is best for smoking hookah?

The best equipment for your hookah largely depends on a smoker's personal preference. Some smokers prefer smaller bowls for a shorter, more intense smoking experience, while others prefer larger bowls that allow for a longer, more leisurely session. When it comes to material, clay and ceramic are generally seen as the best options, as they retain heat well and produce a clean, flavorful smoke. However, silicone bowls are also popular choices, and they can be just as effective.

Ultimately, the best bowl for smoking hookah is the one that you are most comfortable using and that produces the flavor and smoking experience that you enjoy the most. Feel free to experiment with different bowls and materials from HookahJohn to find the perfect one for you. The more you use your hookah, the better you will become at selecting the right one for your needs.

How do I clean my HookahJohn bowl?

Typically, a quick rinse with hot water and soap is all you need to get a HookahJohn bowl clean. You can also use a kitchen sponge to scrub off any tougher residue. Allowing your bowl to cool off completely before cleaning will help prevent damage caused by temperature shock.

Are HookahJohn bowls compatible with heat management devices?

Yes, most HookahJohn bowls—such as the Ferris bowl and Retro Harmony bowl—are compatible with heat management devices (HMDs) like the Kaloud Lotus Plus. However, some of the smaller hookah bowls such as the 80 Feet series may not be the best fit for an HMD. You'll want to use your Kaloud Lotus with large hookah bowls from HookahJohn.

Do HookahJohn bowls include a rubber bowl grommet?

No, HookahJohn bowls will not come included with a grommet. But you can check out our selection of rubber hookah grommets here.

Where can I buy genuine HookahJohn products?

Some retailers sell cheap imitations. But Hookah Shisha is a reliable source for genuine HookahJohn products. You'll find a large selection of products made of high-quality materials on our website, including:

We pride ourselves in only carrying the featured best products at affordable prices. Our customer support team is determined to provide you with the best possible service So, feel free to ask them about HookahJohn hookah bowls, what works well with your Kaloud Lotus, or any other questions you might have.

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