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Charco Flare Hookah Charcoal

Using an all-natural coal recipe that provides smooth flavor and increased longevity in your sessions with no added chemicals, Charco Flare coconut charcoal can be credited as one of the original creators of coconut hookah coals specifically designed for use in heat management devices (HMDs) such as the Kaloud Lotus Plus - but that's not all! They also offer a full range of traditional charcoal shapes such as flats, cubes, and XL cubes that can be used with regular aluminum foil as well as an HMD. When you're ready to graduate to elevate your sessions with a better hookah charcoal, Charco Flare is here to help with cleaner, longer-lasting flavor and thick clouds of smoke.

How do I light Charco Flare coals? 

Charco Flare coals fall into the natural category, so you will need an electric coil stove or charcoal burner to properly light them. Place your charcoal directly on the electric coil or burner and turn it up to high. Once the bottom half of the coals are lit, flip them with your tongs so the other side can light. Depending on the size of the coal you're using and the power of the burner, these coals will be fully lit after approximately 7-15 minutes, or when all sides are entirely red-orange.

What are the differences between Charco Flare's various coal shapes?

Charco Flare offers several different shapes of hookah charcoal. The "flat" coals offer a medium heat, versatile coal that can be used with both foil and heat management devices (HMDs). The "cube" and "XL cube" coals are larger than the flats and allow for a somewhat higher burn temperature as well as a slightly increased burn time, however, these may be too large for some bowls and HMDs. The "Lotus Cut" or quarter circle coals are specifically designed for use in HMDs like the Kaloud Lotus Plus. Check out our blog to learn more about hookah charcoal.

How long do Charco Flare coals last when smoking? 

On average, you can expect a 45-60 minute burn time with Charco Flare, however, this can depend on several factors including coal shape, frequency of inhales, and the amount of airflow near your hookah. A charcoal wind cover or heat management device can help increase the overall longevity of your coals if desired.

How many pieces of Charco Flare hookah coal should I use on my bowl?  

Depending on the size of your hookah bowl, choice of heat management device, shisha tobacco, and overall preference, we recommend using 2-4 pieces of Charco Flare charcoal on your hookah bowl at one time. For more information on hookah heat management, check out our blog here.

Charco Flare


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