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Charco Flare Hookah Charcoal

Charco Flare hookah charcoal is made of natural coconut shell husks. Made in Indonesia, it provides an eco-friendly and tasteless burn for your hookah sessions. Charco Flare is credited as one of the original creators of coconut charcoal, providing smooth flavor and increased longevity with natural ingredients and zero chemicals. They also make charcoal designed for heat management devices (HMDs), such as the Kaloud Lotus Plus or the Phoenix HMD. Charco Flare offers a wide range of other traditional hookah charcoal shapes, such as flats, cubes, and even XL cubes. Charco Flare adds to your smoking experience with cleaner, longer-lasting flavor and thicker clouds of smoke.

How do I light Charco Flare coals?
Charco Flare coals require an electric coil stove or a charcoal burner. Place a few pieces of Charco Flare coconut charcoal onto the coil stove or burner and turn up the heat. When the bottom half of the coals are lit, flip them with your tongs. These do not contain any quick-light chemicals, so the coals will be lit within seven to 15 minutes or when all sides are glowing orange.
How many pieces of Charco Flare hookah coal should I use?

The number of coconut charcoal pieces you should use depends on the size of your hookah bowl, heat management device, shisha tobacco, and overall preferences. As a rule of thumb, we recommend using two to four pieces of Charco Flare charcoal. For more information on the best heat management for your hookah, check out our blog here.

What are the different types of Charco Flare coal shapes?

Charco Flare offers several different shapes of hookah charcoal. The flat coals offer a medium heat level. They're a versatile coal that can be used with both foil and heat management devices. The 25 mm cube charcoal and 27 mm XL cube coals are larger than the flats for higher temperatures and increased burn time. However, these may be too large for some bowls and heat management devices. The lotus cut or quarter circle cut coals are designed for use in HMDs like the Kaloud Lotus Plus. The type of charcoal you use depends on your setup and the type of hookah experience you want to achieve. Check out our blog for further assistance if you want to learn more about hookah charcoal.

How long do Charco Flare coals last during a hookah session?

Charco Flare is one of the best brands for natural charcoal and works great for a long-term quality hookah session. You can expect a 45- to 60-minute burn time using their coconut charcoal. The longevity is affected by coal shape, inhales, and any airflow near your hookah. A charcoal wind cover or heat management device can help increase the longevity of your coals.

What is the difference between natural charcoal and quick light charcoal?

Hookah charcoal can be divided into two categories: quick-light coals and natural coals. Natural hookah coals typically have zero chemicals and sustain long-term heat. To light the natural option, you'll need a substantial heat source like an electric stove or a separate electric coil burner. If you're looking for the best natural charcoal for your smoke session, Charco Flare coconut charcoal is a great option in terms of taste, odor, heat level, and minimal ash residue. Quick-light coals light up faster than natural coals with the help of accelerants. These only require a lighter or a matchstick but may burn in a shorter span. Quick lights may change the taste of the hookah. For odorless and tasteless hookah charcoal, checkout natural coconut charcoal options.

What are the different types of Charco Flare charcoal?

Charco Flare Lotus Cut Coconut Hookah Charcoal

The lotus cut coconut coal from Charco Flare is the perfect shape for heat management devices. It offers low ash content and is made of natural ingredients like coconut shell husk.

Charco Flare Flat Coconut Hookah Charcoal

These classic, flat-shaped Charco Flare pieces are natural hookah coals that allow you to taste the full flavor of your shisha using high heat.

Charco Flare Cube Coconut Hookah Charcoal

Charco Flare offers cube natural charcoal pieces that offer clean burning. Producing consistent heat, it's the best way to enjoy your hookah experience using the best coal brand.

Charco Flare XL Cube Coconut Hookah Charcoal

The Charco Flare cubes coals come in XL 27 mm pieces for longer burn time.

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