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Tangiers Hookah Charcoal

Tangiers Charcoal FAQ

Discover Tangiers charcoal, the only hookah charcoal ever produced by the Tangiers Tobacco team. Their shisha has long reigned supreme as the king of dark-leaf and they have since created a collection of lightweight, low-heat coals with a recipe that has been optimized for use with their heat-sensitive hookah flavors. By using Tangiers hookah charcoal you'll experience the dark and robust flavors of Tangiers shisha tobacco the way the pioneers of dark-leaf intended - with Tangiers Silver Tab hookah charcoal!

What are silver tab coals?  

Silver tab coals are a unique, Japanese-style hookah charcoal. Characterized by their silver coating, these coals offer a lightweight, low heat charcoal option that is often used when smoking heat-sensitive, dark-leaf shisha that typically excels when smoked with lower heat.

How do I light Tangiers coals? 

Using an electric stove or charcoal burner is best when lighting Tangiers Silver Tab coals. Break off your desired number of coals using the pre-formed indents and then place each piece directly on the coil or burner. Turn the burner on high and the coals will very quickly begin to ignite. It is normal to see the silver coating begin to flake off during the lighting process. These coals are usually fully lit within 3 minutes when applying them to a pre-heated burner, or 4-5 minutes if you're just turning it on.

How long do Tangiers coals last when smoking? 

Tangiers Silver Tab coals burn for approximately 30-45 minutes on average, depending on several factors including how often you inhale and the overall level of airflow surrounding your hookah. Using a hookah charcoal wind cover or heat management device can provide a moderate increase in overall burn time if desired.

How many pieces of Tangiers hookah coal should I use on my bowl?  

Depending on the size of your bowl and your personal heat tolerance, we recommend using 2-4 silver tab coals at one time. Check out our blog to learn more about hookah heat management.





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