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Shop Disposable Hookah Hoses


Keep flavor profiles clean or have shareable hoses for guests available with disposable hookah hoses. These hookah hoses are designed for convenience, as they come with a lightweight plastic handle and washable hose tubing that's inexpensive compared to some other types of hookahs on the market. With these cost-effective options, you can stock up easily and dedicate certain flavors to particular hoses.

A disposable hookah hose is typically made from quality plastic material that's lightweight, flexible, and won’t taint the taste of your tobacco when switching between flavors. For better sanitary practices when smoking hookahs, our disposable hoses are ideal for parties or events where many people use the same hookah. Disposable hoses can have advantages over traditional hookah hoses, and they're cheaper, so you don't have to worry about losing or breaking an expensive piece of equipment.

Given the plastic construction of these hookah hoses, you can easily wash them and extend their life span to several sessions. Consider using our disposable hookah accessories if you're looking for a convenient and affordable way to enjoy hookah smoking.

What are disposable hookah hoses?

Disposable hoses are hookah hoses that can be discarded after a single use, shared with guests and used to keep different hoses available for different flavor types. They're often made of plastic materials that are cheaper than hookah hoses made from silicone or other materials.

How do I clean my disposable hose?

No matter what type of hose you have, you'll want to hang it up after each use. If you're using one of our disposable hoses, such as Khalil Mamoon disposable hookah hoses, you can simply run warm water through the hose to clean it quickly. We recommend avoiding harsh soaps as a cleaner as they can be difficult to wash out and can impact the quality of your next session. For stuck-on flavors or disinfecting, you can try putting lemon juice into the hose and swishing it back and forth with water. Once you're done, you'll want to rinse the hose thoroughly and hang it to dry.

How do I know if my disposable hookah hose is washable?

It’s safe to say that all silicone hoses are washable. Additionally, if you're using one of our disposable hoses, you'll find that all of them are also washable. In contrast, traditional cloth, vinyl, and leather hoses are typically not washable. They contain a metal wire in the hose’s construction that will corrode and rust if exposed to water.

Does the length of a hookah hose matter?

You can find hookah hoses in numerous lengths. In general, you will find that the length of a hookah hose doesn't matter when evaluating performance. It’s more about preference and comfort, although a longer hose may be better for situations where a hookah is shared.





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