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Hookah hoses are an essential part of hookah equipment. They're responsible for connecting the hookah base to the hookah bowl and passing the smoke through the hookah. The hose is where the final stage of hookah smoke passes. Therefore, it's crucial that it's airtight and doesn't absorb flavor. When choosing a hose, you should pay attention to its material as some hookah hoses are not washable although most hoses today are entirely washable and break down into several parts for easy cleaning. These hoses are typically made of silicone with metal components and come in various colors and designs.

Some of the most popular hoses are washable silicone hoses. They're usually made of 2 to 3-mm thick silicone and are exceptionally sturdy. They're also quite flexible, making them easy to store and transport. This style of hoses are also equipped with a removable mouthpiece and heel tip, which makes them easy to clean.

You can also look into easy-to-use, inexpensive disposable hoses if you want an easy way to smoke with friends or to have hoses proprietary for different flavors. Disposable hoses ensure you get a fresh hit of flavor every time.

Check out our selection of hoses on sale for an even more affordable way to enjoy your hookah session.

Should I consider a hookah hose upgrade?

Aside from hookah bowls, hookah hoses are one of the most simple yet rewarding upgrades you can make to any hookah. Some hookahs come with standard, non-washable hoses that will work well for your smoke session. However, upgrading these standard hoses to a washable hose is best. You can find hoses in various colors to complement your hookah. If you want to upgrade your hoses, you can check out our wide selection of available products.

How often should I change my hookah hose?

There are many types of hoses on the market today, and the type of hose you have will determine when you should change it. A non-washable hose will be included with many hookahs, and these will get you through several sessions. Depending on the amount of use and proper care, non-washable hoses generally last about three to six months. If you're using disposable hoses, they can be discarded after each session but also have the ability to be used repeatedly with regular, gentle cleaning. Smokers using washable silicone hoses will find that this style of hose is the optimum choice as they can have a very extended lifespan and will not be prone to “flavor ghosting” when switching between different shisha flavors.

How do I know when I need to change out my hookah hose?

As a hookah smoker, your smoking patterns will determine how dirty your hoses get. The average hookah smoker can use the smell test to decide if they should continue to use their hookah hoses. If it smells odd, it could mean that your next smoking session may be impacted. Non-washable hookah hoses may begin to build up residue from each flavor smoked through the hose thus having an effect on the pureness of your shisha flavors - called “flavor ghosting”. When using washable hookah hoses, you may find it is time to replace it if your silicone hose has become discolored.





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