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Floral Inspired Shisha FAQ


Al Fakher Rose Shisha Tobacco

Al Fakher offers floral-flavored shisha tobacco in a classic rose. This intense, unique flavor is soothing and fragrant. It provides a flowery essence that also blends with blueberry and mint.

Azure Winter Rose Shisha Tobacco

With a strong mint flavor, this Winter Rose hookah blend makes your bowl icy and smooth. You even get the brightness of lemon from this hookah flavor for a refreshing shisha session that smokers will love.

Trifecta Nawar Shisha Tobacco

Nawar from Trifecta Tobacco takes the incredibly powerful floral flavors of rose, lavender, and jasmine to create a truly spectacular blend. Fill your bowls with Nawar and enjoy the rich flavor and floral notes. This blend is intense enough on its own, so you won't need to add anything else to your hookah bowl.

Tangiers Static Starlight Shisha Tobacco

This shisha flavor from Tangiers is best for smokers who enjoy chewy sour candy. The main flavor profile is sour, making it a bright floral tobacco for your hookah. This has a stronger nicotine content made from dark-leaf tobacco, so it's best for experienced smokers.

Tangiers Lemon Blossom Shisha Tobacco

Sometimes, floral hookah tobacco can have a soapy quality. But this Lemon Blossom blend from Tangiers has subtle rose and lemon notes for a more delicate bowl. The flavor of the dark tobacco is long-lasting, and plenty of smokers who enjoy herbal shisha love this for their hookah.

Tangiers Blitzsturm Shisha Tobacco

Blitzsturm is a recent flavor from Tangiers. It blends lavender floral notes with cooling menthol for a minty and floral shisha. Because this is made from dark-leaf tobacco, you will also notice undertones of robust tobacco notes throughout your smoke session. Prepare to create massive clouds with your hookah.

Starbuzz Bold Cosmo Power Shisha Tobacco

Starbuzz adds to their line of hookah tobacco with Cosmo Power. With a floral and grape blend, this shisha flavor allows you to create massive clouds and taste a light lemon flavor as you exhale. It makes for the perfect addition to your hookah collection and is a standout when it comes to floral flavoring.

Haze Lavish Lavender Shisha Tobacco

If you love lavender, you'll find that Haze has delicious lavender hookah tobacco. It's also the perfect complementary product to a creamy or minty tobacco leaf. Different temperatures on your hookah may allow you to get a deeper flavor out of the tobacco. It can also complement lemon or citrus blends for a flavor that tastes like lavender lemonade.

For hookah smokers with a more sophisticated palate, floral flavors may be perfect for you. Floral shisha tobacco is one of the more unique types of tobacco on the market. The flavor profile is dominated by floral notes, which can be a nice change of pace if you're used to smoking more standard fruit or mint. There are a few different brands that offer this type of hookah tobacco, but each one is a little bit different. These shisha tobacco flavors span rose, lavender, and lemon blossom. Check out some of the innovative flavors from the best brands like Al Fakher, Azure, and Trifecta. You can find them all on our website to add to your premium shisha collection.
Our site allows you to shop by flavor categories like floral, creamy, fruity, or coffee. Whether you're looking for herbal shisha or a fruity seasonal blend, you can check out our wide selection of tobacco leaves before your next smoking session. Your hookah deserves the best tobacco flavors for massive clouds and delicious aftertastes. Whether you prefer dark-leaf tobacco or blonde-leaf hookah tobacco, you'll find plenty of options for your bowl on our website.





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