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Spice Inspired Shisha FAQ


Al Waha Pan Rasna Tobacco

When it comes to shisha tobacco, the Al Waha Pan Rasna has unique mint and floral flavors with just the perfect hint of spice. Experience a strong minty flavor profile along with exotic florals for your hookah tobacco session.

Al Fakher Two Apples Shisha Tobacco

Al Fakher Two Apples is one of the most popular hookah tobacco products thanks to the spice in the anise and the sweetness of the red and green apples. This spice-flavored shisha tobacco is sure to satisfy any smoker.

Starbuzz Vintage Shanghai Passion Shisha Tobacco

Shanghai Passion delivers you hookah tobacco that's better than your average Starbuzz flavor. With a smooth tea blend that boasts honey notes, spiced cinnamon, and herbs, your wintery smoke session is sure to bring a cozy vibe.

Tangiers Kashmir Peach Shisha Tobacco

The Tangiers flavor collection is oozing with fruity blends, but the Kashmir Peach is one that'll easily become your favorite. The aroma of the spiced peach removes any harshness and delivers a sweet taste with every puff and exhale.

Trifecta Coconut Ginger Shisha Tobacco

Nothing adds spice quite like ginger. It's a characterizing flavor that adds a little extra something to any type of tobacco. This hookah tobacco from Trifecta pairs ginger with coconut for the best flavor. Experience the buttery, woody notes of coconut along with the pizzazz and tartness of ginger. If you want to surprise the experienced hookah smoker, this is the ideal new flavor for your tobacco collection.

Starbuzz Bold Apple Doppio Shisha Tobacco

The Starbuzz Bold collection blends the sugary, warm spice of anise with a bold apple fruit flavor. If you're looking for hookah tobacco that's juicy and clove-like, this is sure to amp up your smoke session. When you add a mint shisha flavor to this product, you'll find that it only enhances the warmth of the anise.

Starbuzz Egyptian Pharaohs Shisha Tobacco

If your favorite flavors include cinnamon, honey graham crackers, and spice, then this is sure to be a new staple for your hookah. Egyptian Pharaohs is one of many flavored tobacco products that Starbuzz has created to entice your taste buds. This shisha flavor is a great place to start for new hookah smokers. It has a lower nicotine content and is easy for any smoker to prepare on their own.

Azure Royal Queen Shisha Tobacco

For earl grey fans, the Royal Queen hookah tobacco from Azure boasts a bold black tea and citrus blend. Think of a punch of bergamot that's reminiscent of a cozy cup of tea that any queen is sure to enjoy in their hookah bowl throughout the fall season.

Azure Dubai Apple Shisha Tobacco

Traditional hookah flavors typically include double apple. Azure adds their own twist by adding both red and green apple flavors. You'll also find that your hookah will leave you with an anise aftertaste that complements flavors like vanilla and cinnamon.

Azure Apple Cider Shisha Tobacco

Transport yourself to the fall season with the Apple Cider tobacco product from Azure. With the first puff, you'll experience the iconic flavors of autumn: cinnamon, nutmeg, green apples, allspice, and clove. Create thick, white clouds with your hookah, and enjoy the strong flavors.

When it comes to choosing different flavors for your hookah, you'll find an endless number of options. Adding spice gives your taste buds a new sensation. Whether your favorite flavor is anise, cinnamon, or pumpkin spice, there are plenty of flavored tobacco products available online for your hookah.

Spiciness is all about a strong stimulation for long-lasting flavor in smoke form. The tobacco that you choose for your hookah can easily make or break your smoking experience. Check out Hookah-Shisha for a wide range of flavors, and narrow down your favorites by profile, size, or brand. The best part is that Hookah-Shisha can price-match your favorite tobacco products so that you can guarantee top-quality smoke sessions within your budget. Check out more of the spice flavors available on the website.

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