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Fumari Ambrosia Shisha

The Best of the Best - Fumari Ambrosia Hookah Tobacco

Fumari Ambrosia Fumari is largely regarded as one of the more high end shisha tobacco brands. No doubt, with its leafy cut, sleek packaging, and unique flavors, it can rival any shisha, old or new. We are always excited to help customers find the 'best of the best', and since Fumari is one of the best shisha brands, it's only fitting to introduce you to Fumari Ambrosia Shisha.

Based on flavors found in the popular Ambrosia fruit salad, this flavor is a sweet citrus blend that is completely unique to the Fumari brand. Expect a mix of orange, cherry, pineapple, marshmallow, and coconut. This is a flavor that we get a lot of questions about, as Ambrosia salad is not known of in many different parts of the world, but we think this flavor would be a hit in just about any hookah bowl on earth.