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The Best New Hookah Flavors To Try In 2020 Pt. 1

The Best Hookah Flavors To Try In 2020 Part 1

The numbers have been counted, bowls have been smoked, and we’re fully prepared to present to you our list of New Flavors to try in 2020. All of the flavors below were new releases in 2019 and each excelled in the areas of customer feedback, sales, and enjoyment amongst our crew.

This top 6 list is in no particular order. We hope you get a chance to enjoy one of these blends and if you have already, please leave us some feedback in the comments below.

1) Cool Cucumber - Azure

We’re gonna kick things off with a toot of our horn! Azure had several new flavors drop last year like Rio Mint, Royal Raspberry, Cola, and their most recent, Apple Cider. We teamed up with the Azure Tobacco crew and crafted a delicious new flavor called “Cool Cucumber” in both gold and dark leaf variations. They never took their foot off the gas for the shisha fans and we were happy to be included in the creation process for one of the flavors.

In the great state of Texas, we battle heat often and there’s nothing that hits the spot like the cooling effects of ice cold shisha. Through a delicious and vigorous amount of testing, we can attest that this blend definitely hits the spot and more.

The sweetness of Cucumber can almost be detected before you even crack open the pouch. It’s about the equivalent of sprinkling some sugar over freshly sliced cucumbers on a bed of ice. Cucumber taste profiles within shisha tobacco often come across light or end up being the first flavor to disappear from your session. Cool Cucumber, on the hand, is built to last deep into your session and that’s one of the reasons why it has been one of the most popular flavor releases for the series.

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2) Crafted #8 - AF