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Best Shisha Inspired Hookah Pens and E-Liquids

Best Shisha Inspired Hookah Pens and E-Liquids

By Katie / August 20, 2014

Starbuzz and Fantasia are major players in the shisha tobacco market, so it's no surprise that they are similarly dominating the world of e-hookahs, hookah pens, and e-liquid. If you're a fan of these shisha flavors, then you might be wondering which hookah pen flavor best translates from shisha to vapor. We polled our employees (who have a TON of experience smoking these brand flavors in shisha as well as vape form), and this is what we came up with!

Starbuzz Blue Mist – Everyone knows Blue Mist, it is our best selling shisha flavors. The Starbuzz Blue Mist E-Hookahs are certainly no exception - the hookah pen version has an identically great flavor to it. The only thing to note here is that most of our employees preferred the non-nicotine version of the Blue Mist hookah pen, because the harshness of the nicotine seems to take away from the flavor. Also available in e-liquid.

Starbuzz (Bold) Irish Peach Irish Peach was a surprising popular flavor. In terms of shisha, Irish Peach can be found under the Starbuzz Bold line. Irish Peach has a really sweet peach flavor with creamy undertones. Again, the non-nicotine lines of the Irish Peach hookah pen seem to be more enjoyable. Also available in e-liquid.

Fantasia Ice Mint – This is one of the best hookah pen flavors, period. The Fantasia Ice Mint hookah pen is cool and smooth, and the lack of nicotine in Fantasia e-hookahs makes the flavor come through really well. Another thing to note is that the Fantasia hookah pens seem to last longer than most other brands—more vape for your buck! (Plus they have these awesome diamond tips that light up with their coinciding flavor color.) Also available in e-liquid.

Fantasia Adios MofoAdios Mofo is one of Fantasia’s most popular shisha flavors, so it is no surprise to see it make the list. This flavor stays true to its shisha cousin in the hookah pen, and is a great choice for Fantasia fans who may be looking to kick the hookah habit. For those who were not fans of Fantasia, even they have noticed that any sort of unpleasant aftertaste does not translate from the tobacco to the hookah pens! Also available in e-liquid.

Honorable Mention


Smooth E-Hookah Fruit FlavorsThe Smooth E-Hookahs have taken the hookah pen world by storm, rather unexpectedly. Much like Al Fakher shisha tobacco, Smooth specializes in producing solid fruit flavors like Apple Dapplez (apple), Convicted Melon (melon) and Rockin’ Blueberry (blueberry). All of their hookah pen options are nicotine-free. Smooth definitely earns an honorable mention award for their excellent work within the e-hookah community. Also available in e-liquid. 

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