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Coco Nara Natural Hookah Charcoals - Now in 3 Sizes!

Coco Nara Natural Hookah Charcoals - Now in 3 Sizes!

By Grabertrain / December 2, 2009

It's no secret that Coco Nara Natural Hookah Charcoals are some of our favorite hookah coals to use here in the office. While they take a bit longer to light than quick-light coals, the results are well worth the wait. An electric stove top is the easiest method of getting them “hot and heavy,” however we use portable heating coil because, well, there isn't a stove top in between the filing cabinets and the fax machine…

Now, for the best hookah bowl possible, you’re going to want to use at least 3 coals per session - 2 to start out with, and then 1 more to finish off the bowl. Take a gander at our Hookah Heat Maintenance and Coal Rotation blog for our preferred way to smoke a hookah using these coals. To sum up that post in 2 words it would be thus: observe and rotate! A well tended, evenly heated hookah bowl is a happy hookah bowl. This method of hookah smoking is merely a suggestion of course, as no 2 smoking sessions are the same. Feel free to experiment by using less or more coals depending on the quality of the tobacco, number of people participating, desired session length, etc. As of today, Coco Nara coals now come in 3 different sized boxes! A sampler-sized 16 piece box will last you about 5 hookah bowls. This is great for folks wanting to try them out first before plunging into a larger coal commitment. This is also the perfect size to use for a single 50g box of shisha tobacco.
Our newest size that just arrived is a 45 piece box, which will last around 15 hookah bowls. This size compliments well with shisha tobacco that comes in 100g sizes (such as Starbuzz) to 125g sizes (such as Romman).
Lastly, our jumbo-sized 108 piece box is going to net you about 35 bowls, and is enough to last an entire 250g container of shisha tobacco, with probably a little left over to spare!
Don't forget about our Super Packs of 3 boxes (for 16 piece, 45 piece, and 108 piece sizes) as well as our Monster Packs of 5 boxes (16 piece, 45 piece, and 108 piece) for those looking to stock up and save for the winter!

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