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Hookah Tobacco Review: Al Tawareg Hookah Tobacco - Citrus Lemon

Hookah Tobacco Review: Al Tawareg Hookah Tobacco - Citrus Lemon

By Jono / February 2, 2011

Have you ever picked up a glass of coke and taken a drink only to realize the glass was full of milk instead? Kind of messes with your head, right? Well this happened to me when I smoked Al Tawareg Citrus Lemon hookah tobacco. I've never really been a fan of lemon flavored hookah tobacco so when I saw citrus lemon in the title, I wasn't thrilled to say the least.  But I give every hookah flavor an equal and fair opportunity to impress me. Once I opened the box, the strong smell of candy lemon drops filled the air.  If it tasted like it smelled, I was in for a nice hookah sesh. With 3 Coco-Nara coals on my Vortex Bowl, I dove in head first to Al Tawareg Citrus Lemon. Then it happened. The coke vs. milk moment! I tasted Orange! Wait, what? Orange?  Yes. If lemon is in this, it is underneath this sweet freshness that can only be compared to the taste of a tart, acidic orange peel with a bitterness like a grapefruit. Maybe it's my misconception of what a lemon hookah flavor tastes like that is throwing off my evaluation. I'm halfway expecting that face puckering sour effect that lemon fruit causes. But let's focus on the good, the smoke is super thick (so thick it would rival Starbuzz any day) and it's a really good citrus hookah flavor. Not to mention the price is ridiculously affordable, which I'm sure everyone can appreciate (after all, it's lower than a gallon of gas these days)! If you like Al Tawareg Citrus Lemon hookah tobacco, chances are you'll love Romman Ivory Coast, Fantasia Cactus Breeze, Al Tawareg Tropical Pineapple and Fumari Island Papaya.  Check it out and let us know what you think about the new Al Tawareg Citrus Lemon by leaving comments below!  We love hearing from you!  Happy Smoking!

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