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Khalil Mamoon Hookah Hoses - 4 New Styles!

Khalil Mamoon Hookah Hoses - 4 New Styles!

By Grabertrain / February 17, 2012

Khalil Mamoon is well known for their authentic Egyptian Khalil Mamoon Hookahs, but they also offer the widest variety of unique hand-made Egyptian hookah hoses available! KM hookah hoses have a colorful acrylic mouthpiece that is either affixed (glued onto the handle) or removable. Hoses with a removable mouthpiece have the advantage of swapping them out with a different one, such as a Fancy Nammor Hookah Hose mouthpiece or a Mystique Hookah Ice Hose Tip. Another feature that sets KM hoses apart from other Egyptian-made hookah hoses is a "heel" - this is the part on the other end of the hose that fits into the hookah and usually resembles a shorter version of the handle. While this feature is not on all KM hookah hoses, it gives your hookah a nice, attractive look to it. One thing to note about measuring Khalil Mamoon hoses and why they are described as "around" a certain length instead of a standardized length has to do with their hand-made nature. Unlike machine made hoses, the length of the hose (not including the handle and heel) is cut at arms length. This can mean anywhere from 64 to 72 inches and up, depending on the arm span of the person making it. Of course, these small differences in length will not affect the overall quality or smoking experience in any way. It's also important to note that, with the exception of the KM Washable Glitter Hookah Hose, KM hoses are not washable. They are reinforced with an inner coil that will rust or corrode over time if water is run through them enough times. Here are 4 brand new styles of Khalil Mamoon hookah hoses now available in our store that will add some nice Egyptian authenticity to your hookah!

Khalil Mamoon Beast Hookah Hose: These monstrous hookah hoses are 4-6 mm wider in both the length of the hose and the handle, making them one of the widest and easiest hoses to draw smoke from. Measuring around a whopping 80 inches in total length (including the 20 inch long handle and mouthpiece), these heavy duty hoses feature a handle and heel that's wrapped in a colorful taut woven fabric. They have a removable mouthpiece and are available in 6 colors.
Khalil Mamoon Signature Beast Hookah Hose: Measuring the same length and width as the KM Beast Hoses above (around 80 inches), these differ in that the Khalil Mamoon signature is printed along the length of the handle and heel. There is also a rainbow colored pattern that runs along the entire length of the hose. They have a removable mouthpiece and are available in 3 colors.
Khalil Mamoon Washable Glitter Hookah Hose: These hookah hoses are the first fully washable Khalil Mamoon Hookah hoses offered in our store. Measuring aroud 64 inches in length, these KM hoses are similar in design to the Khalil Mamoon Standard Hookah Hose except the inner lining is rubberized, allowing you to run water through them to clean and not have them rust or corrode over time. The handle is composed of taut braided fabric with small interspersed silver (or gold) threads, giving them a "glitterized" look. Only the solid black hose has a heel, which makes it aroud 6 inches longer than the other colors. They have an affixed mouthpiece and are available in 5 colors.
Khalil Mamoon Haya Hookah Hose: The KM "Haya" Hookah Hose is so named after the Arabic word for "snake." Measuring at around 72 inches in total length it featuring a braided cord that wraps around the length of the handle and heel. They have an affixed mouthpiece and are available in 4 colors.
Please also check out the related post Hookah Hoses at a Glance: A Comparatie Review which will provide more information on the rest of the hookah hoses that we carry in our store. Happy Smoking!

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