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Spring Shisha Mixes for Extremely Delicious Flavor

Spring Shisha Mixes for Extremely Delicious Flavor

By Adam / May 1, 2015

Spring is finally here! The temperatures are creeping up, and we're itching to smoke some awesome spring shisha mixes! Whether you want something sweet and fruity, rich and tropical or just something refreshing, you’ve found the perfect menu. Check out some of our favorite spring mixes and give us some reviews in the comments. Maybe you found a secret ingredient we could add to our recipes to make them even better, so let us know!

Skitty Pebbles

Rose with lemon and vanilla

Remember that fruity breakfast cereal made of very small rocks that Fred Flintstone ate?  It turned the milk into a sweet, orange fruity syrup.  Imagine that awesomeness with the extra bright tartness of that familiar citrus candy nearly everyone can get behind! Using Al Fakher shisha, mix 50% Lemon, 25% Vanilla, and 25% Rose...voila' Skitty Pebbles. Yes, Rose shisha is in this mix and no it will not taste like flowers or pot pourri. Trust us on this one. This blend uses the unexplained property of chemistry where three ingredients mixed together taste nothing like any one of the original ingredients.

Mandarin Citus Chill

Lemon with mint and mandarin

This is a mix for the taste buds and is based on Fumari favorites! This mix offers the best of both worlds from sweet orange, Mandarin Zest is very prominent on the inhale, and brighter citrus with the Citrus Mint bringing in some lovely sour notes. The Lemon Mint mellows out some of the sour notes from the Citrus Mint but adds a refreshing, zesty mint to your mix.

New Lemonade

Pink lemonade, peach lemonade and limeade in glasses

Lemonde is a great spring beverage that comes in all different styles. Peach and pink lemonade with some hits of refreshing lime? Yes please! Haze 5 Cents A Cup is a remarkable flavor by itself, but in this mix we took it to a whole new level with the help of lime and peach. The pink lemonade infused with a candy lime flavor is fantastic on the inhale, followed up by a sweet, peach cooling exhale. When it comes down to loading we try to keep the 5 Cents A Cup on the top and mix the other flavors beneath it.

Mighty Coco Mint

Starbuzz Bold White Mint shisha, Starbuzz Bold Mighty Freeze shisha, and coconuts with lime

For the spring what’s a better smoke than a lovely coconut and lemon-lime blend, with a cool minty exhale. Starbuzz has you covered! You can load this side by side, but the optimal flavor is achieved by mixing it all together before loading. If you’re looking for a lighter mint, go ahead and stack the Mighty Freeze on the bottom with a 50/50 split of Coco Jumbo and White Mint on top.

Mangus Breeze

Mango with jar of Fantasia Cactus Breeze shisha

Ready for a smooth smoke bursting with a unique, sweet tropical flavor? Look no further than Mangus Breeze.  Fantasia shisha is known for being extra juicy and gushing with flavor. To produce this nectar of the gods simply add a 50/50 blend of Wild Mango and Cactus Breeze to any bowl. The deliciously rich flavor of Wild Mango is the bold foundation onto which you add the sweet and smooth Cactus Breeze. The combination of mango and prickly pear fruit creates a tropical explosion that rings every one of your flavor receptors. This is a Fantasia tobacco blend so you don't want to scorch this bowl with three coals right out of the gate. Start with two coals and increase the heat overtime while rotating the coals to maintain the best flavor and thick clouds.

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