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The Best E-Liquids in 2022

The Best E-Liquids in 2022

By Katie / August 5, 2014

Just like with shisha, everyone has their own preferred flavors of e-liquid. We wanted to help you figure out where to start, or at least give some suggestions to help you branch out in your e-juice selection. Here are our suggestions for the best ecig liquid out there! A few of these are best sellers, and a few of these e-liquid flavors are just our own personal favorites. Either way, they are delicious!

Best E-Liquid Flavors (Overall)

best eliquid flavors
austin's e-liquid belgian waffle

Austin's E-Liquid Belgian Waffle (0-32mg nicotine) - That's right. Waffles. Need we say more?!

hookafina eliquid irish cream

Hookafina E-Liquid Irish Cream (0-18mg nicotine) - A favorite around the office. It's FANTASTIC to mix with other flavors. It adds a creaminess and unique sweetness to any flavor, from pineapple to cherry to vanilla.

Jvapes Yellow Submarine (0-24mg nicotine) This flavor comes highly recommended from our reviewers. It's an intensely fruity blend with notes of peach, pineapple, and other light fruit undertones.

Best Fruity E-Liquid Flavors

fruity eliquid flavors
starbuzz eliquid coco jumbo

Starbuzz E-Liquid Coco Jumbo (0-12mg nicotine) A lime/coconut mix, we'll spare you the Harry Nilsson reference, but the e-juice is just as memorable as the song.

buck naked pineapple e liquid

Buck Naked E-Liquid Pineapple (0-24mg nicotine) Pretty straight forward, but this Pineapple ejuice packs a punch.

pink spot e liquid tropical punch

Pink Spot Tropical Punch (0-24mg nicotine) Filled with mangoes, pineapples, coconuts, and all of the benefits of a day on the beach without the pesky sand.

Best Tobacco E-Liquid Flavors

tobacco flavored eliquid

Many vapers don't want to get bogged down with fruity twists and marshmallow flavored clouds - they just want the simulation of smoking tobacco without the harmful side effects. For those folks, here are a few of our best 'tobacco flavored' e-liquids.

austin's e-liquid earthy tobacco

Austin's E-Liquid Earthy Tobacco (0-32mg nicotine)

buck naked e liquid american tobacco

Buck Naked E-Liquid American Tobacco (0-24mg nicotine)

eLiquid Pros E-Juice Tobacco(0-16mg nicotine)

E-Liquid Nicotine

e-Liquid Nicotine levels

Best High Nicotine E-Liquid Flavors

austin's eliquid blueberry cotton candy

Austin's E-Liquid Blueberry Cotton Candy (0-32mg nicotine) Austin's E-Liquid has the highest available nicotine that we carry. Up to 32mg of nicotine, these flavors are just as strong as their nicotine content!

pink spot e liquid georgia peach

Pink Spot E-Liquid Georgia Peach (0-24mg nicotine) It's super peachy and super buzzy!

vapers e liquid andys mint

Vaperz E-Juice Andy's Mint (0-24mg nicotine) This amazing e-liquid tastes just like a chocolate mint - it's sweet and minty and leaves you satisfied.

Best Nicotine-Free E-Liquid Flavors

starbuzz e liquid blue mist

Starbuzz E-Juice Blue Mist (0-12mg) While you can get Starbuzz brand e-juice with nicotine, the 0mg flavors are some of our best sellers, particularly the popular Blue Mist (sweet blueberry) E-Liquid.

smooth apple dapplez e liquid

Smooth E-Liquid Apple Dapplez (all nicotine-free) Smooth is one of the few brands that only offers nicotine-free options. Available in a 10ml bottle, you can get flavors like our best selling Apple Dapplez flavor that will knock your socks off!

hydro jolly molly eliquid

Hydro E-Liquid Jolly Molly (all nicotine-free) Also offering all nicotine-free options, Hydro Jolly Molly is a strong watermelon splash in your mouth!

Did we miss your favorite e-liquid flavor? Let us know! Leave a comment below and tell us all about your favorite flavors of e-juice. Happy Vaping!

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