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The Most Expensive Hookahs

The Most Expensive Hookahs

By double allen / November 26, 2023

Up for a little window shopping? We've sought out the most expensive hookahs in the world to whet your appetite. We don't mean to imply that you don't have an extra million laying around to spend on an elaborate shisha pipe, but in case these exquisite hookahs are slightly out of reach, we've suggested a few more affordable options!

Aurentum Switzerland $1 Million Hookah

Photo by:

Aurentum Switzerland has teamed up with two Swiss artists to make and design one of the most astounding hookahs available. This hookah is plated with silver and adorned with 24 carat gold.

There are eight handmade scarabs on the hookah that are made of platinum, diamonds, and rubies that total 0.36 carats. The base on which the entire hookah sits on is 8 kg made of 18 carats of solid gold. Even the included wind cover is also made from 18 carat gold!

Photo by:

Phew…anything else? Yup! The base is made of Murano glass, covered with silver, and accented with a decorative emblem made of 24 carat gold. The connecting tubes are covered with Venetian velvet and the hookah mouthpieces are made of silver. Whoa.

B2 Stems & Hookahs at H-S

B2 hookah in gold

Not ready to pick up a hookah that a king can afford but there's no need to lock it in a safe at night? The B2 hookahs are made in small batches out of California and are constructed from some of the highest grade materials and precision crafting.

One of their original models, the B2 Shaft is created by using CNC machined, high-grade stainless steel. Constructed from a solid block of material there is little to no margin of error when being produced.

B2 hookah stem shown in its three variable sizes

This specific model features a stem composed of several threaded pieces allowing you to customize the size of your hookah at any time. It also includes a uniquely designed tray that has a raised grate to help circulate air around any pieces of coal you may not need at the moment, keeping them lit longer until needed.

Close up of the B2 tray

No matter who you are, the B2 hookahs have a beautiful look and smoke so wonderfully that it is worth its weight in gold.

Desvall Stockholm Hookahs: $40,000 - $100,000

Photos by:

Sweden refuses to be outdone when it comes to design. Combining handmade artisanal craftsmanship, pioneering leather working techniques, and state-of-the-art engineering, these hookahs are gorgeous and serious.

Across their various models individually hand-sanded and polished Swarovski crystals embellish their patented center ring that connects the base to the top portion. This section also allows the hose to swivel around much like traditional rotator hookahs. This ring also features a magnetic hose holder for when you’re not smoking and need to make sure you still have some money in the bank.

The other materials used within Desvall hookahs include pure onyx, 24 carat gold, pure sterling silver, chrome plating, and crystal-cut Orrefors glass. Their hoses are made from silicone wrapped in premium leather and include rare, reindeer antler handles which are hand carved by the indigenous Sami people.

Desvall also once crafted a one-of-a-kind hookah for the Krona tobacco launch that featured diamonds instead of their Swarovski crystals! The evaluated price for this speciality hookah was just over $2.5 million!

Starbuzz Carbine Hookahs at H-S

Starbuzz Carbine hookah

As impressive as the Desvalls might be, it might be hard to acquire one if you plan on ever paying another bill. Instead, you may want to consider a Starbuzz Carbine hookah.

Establishing themselves as one of the premium shisha brands out there, Starbuzz entered the hookah pipe space with the same top tier quality. The Starbuzz Carbine is made from heavyweight aluminum and stainless steel for a durable construction

The wide-gauge downstem allows for a smooth and effortless draw, and with its included, optional diffuser you can keep those rumbles of smoke quiet. Get ready for a built-in surprise with a 360° swiveling hub making it easy to pass the hose amongst a group.

Close ups of the Starbuzz Carbine rotating hub and adjustable legs

Four adjustable legs allow you to alter the height and tilt of the hookah on uneven surfaces. Last but not least, you can kick up the party with an LED light that sits under the enclosed glass base, complete with a remote to change colors and lighting modes.

MIG-Titan: $7,183

Photo by:

Jumping countries over to Germany brings our focus to MIG Hookahs and specifically their MIG Titan. Using 6 kg of titanium, the MIG Titan hookah is composed of 175 individual pieces! Everything from the screws and pins to the hose handle is solid, durable titanium.

Photo by:

After 22 months of design and planning the MIG Titan is definitely their showpiece that showcases their attention to detail and years of experience. Each individual MIG Titan hookah takes roughly 26 hours to complete.

The base on the Titan is made from hand-blown Bohemian crystal and the included hose is hand sewn leather although there are four hose ports total to add additional hoses. These hookahs are limited and each one comes with a solid bar of titanium with a unique serial number for authenticity.

Smokezilla Muto Hookahs at H-S

Smokezilla Muto hookah

If you’re wanting a little piece of that quality German design and ingenuity for yourself, we don’t blame you! The Smokezilla Muto hookah is your answer and it won’t break the bank.

Made in Germany from high-quality stainless steel and premium resin accents, the Smokezilla Muto is available in both a single-hose and multi-hose option. Both versions feature a stem that is made from three separate pieces which allows for three different hookah heights.

Smokezilla Muto shown in its three variable sizes

The heavy base is made from high-quality glass with a crystal-cut design and a wide footprint to prevent any tipping. Where’s the purge? It’s built into the hub! allowing the sleek design to be unfettered.

Included is a high-grade silicone tubing hose, a built-in removable diffuser,  a standard clay bowl, and a chimney-style heat management device.

Kaloud Krysalis Monarch Astral $4,950

Photo by:

We and the hookah enthusiasts around the globe love the products Kaloud designs. We were immediately hooked with their Lotus heat management devices, and everything since continues to impress.

You may already be familiar with their products but their Kaloud Monarch hookah series definitely makes this list for their price point. The Kaloud Monarch Astral Edition is not only meant to be smoked, it’s meant to be a showpiece. It’s a piece of art!

The Astral Edition features a base made from wood and marble. On top sits a uniquely designed base and stem made from high quality, hand blown glass and stainless steel, respectively.

Other details include a carbon activated filtration system, bluetooth enabled lighting, integrated storage, and a woven silicone hose.

Kaloud Krysalis Eltheria & Calix Hookahs at H-S

Kaloud Krysalis Eltheria and Calix models

You can get your hands on a more affordable Kaloud hookah with their Eltheria and Calix models. 

The Kaloud Krysalis Eltheria is made from high-quality, heat resistant silicone and ultra clear BPA plastic. Because of these materials, each component locks perfectly in place every time. The base features a dual chambered dome which provides a unique visual during your smoke session.

Detail close up of double carbine filtration downstem of the Kaloud hookahs

Inside, a CNC machine aluminum downstem features a vertical diffuser and carbon filtration. While a hose is not included, but is an optional add-on, a reversible hose port allows you to use any silicone tubing hose.

Made with all of the same features as its Eltheria brother, the Kaloud Krysalis Calix is a more compact version. One difference outside of its size is that the Calix has the ability to have two hoses.

Kaloud Aeolis hose shown in various available colors

While both the Krysalis Eltheria and Krysalis Calix do not come standard with a hose or Lotus HMD, here at Hookah-Shisha we do offer the Calix model in a complete package as well.

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