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Coco Nara Hookah Charcoal

An OG name in hookah charcoal, Coco Nara was one of the original brands to offer an all-natural coconut hookah coal. They now offer a full range of both natural coconut coals as well as quick lighting hookah charcoal for your smoke sessions. Each piece is made from compressed coconut husks and provides clean-burning, great-tasting smoke from your shisha flavors. Coco Nara coals hold the optimal temperature for smoking shisha, allowing them to be used with a variety of different tobaccos including heat-sensitive, dark leaf shishas as well as more hearty, heat-resistant blonde leaf blends. Pick up a box and find out for yourself why Coco Nara charcoal has remained one of the longest-standing names in hookah charcoal to this date!

How do I light Coco Nara coals?  

You'll need to use an electric coil stove or charcoal burner to properly light Coco Nara natural coals. Place your charcoal directly on the electric coil or burner and turn it up to high. Once the bottom half of the coals are lit, give them a flip with your tongs so the other side can light. Depending on the size of the coal you're using and the power of the burner, these coals will be fully lit after approximately 7-15 minutes, or when all sides are entirely red-orange. The Coco Nara quick light coals can be lit using a standard flame lighter. Using a pair of tongs to hold the coal, hold the flame to its edge until it begins to spark. The coal will begin to ignite and will be fully lit after approximately 2-3 minutes, or until the coal is completely red-ish orange.

What are the differences between Coco Nara's various coal shapes?

The Coco Nara "flat" coals offer a versatile, medium heat charcoal that can be used with both foil or heat management devices (HMDs). The Coco Nara "cube" coals burn at a slightly hotter temperature with a slightly increased burn time than the flats, however, may be too large for some bowls or HMDs. Both of these shapes are natural coals and require the use of a charcoal burner to light. The "quick light" Coco Nara coals are "disc" shaped, feature a chemical accelerant coating allowing them to be lit with an open flame, and offer a lower level of heat during your sessions. Check out our blog to learn more about hookah charcoal.

How long do Coco Nara coals last when smoking? 

Coco Nara coals burn for an average of 45 minutes to one hour, however, this can depend on several factors including coal type, shape, frequency of inhales, and the overall airflow surrounding your hookah. Using a charcoal wind cover or heat management device can help increase the overall performance of your coals if desired.

How many pieces of Coco Nara coal should I use on my hookah bowl? 

If using the natural coconut coals, we recommend using 2-3 pieces of Coco Nara coal on your hookah bowl at one time, depending on the size of your bowl and choice of shisha tobacco. If using the Coco Nara quick lighting coals, we recommend using 1-2 pieces of coal on your bowl. For more information on hookah heat management, check out our blog here.

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