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INVI Hookahs FAQ

INVI hookahs shine with eye-catching designs that can be the centerpiece of every hookah session. Only high-quality materials are used in the production of these hookah pipes. The visual highlight of these hookahs is the bowl with colorful accents. The hookahs from INVI offer you a great smoking experience and inspire with their easy draw.

Known in particular for unique hookah models such as the INVI Nano, the German brand's objective is to offer you quality hookahs for the best experience. From compact hookahs to traditional inspired hookah styles, INVI offers several products to choose from. We're proud to offer these easy-to-use hookahs made with superior, quality materials.

Why are INVI hookah pipes unique?

Made from high-quality stainless steel or aluminum, these hookahs have not only the looks but the durability. The stem designs are simple and clean to match the smooth lines of the base and modern tray. Depending on the model, INVI hookahs offer multiple hose ports and a twist-to-lock base connection to go solo or with friends. Some models feature a molasses catcher to nab up all that excess shisha molasses to help prevent harsh smoke. The INVI Nano hookahs offer the same quality design and materials in a compact model. With INVI, you can get everything you expect from a top-shelf European hookah.

What are compact INVI hookahs?

The Nano INVI hookahs are your perfect companion when traveling because all included parts fit into the practical and compact transport bag. This compact hookah packs the power of a traditional hookah with robust smoke for an enjoyable experience on the go. Regardless of whether you want to go to New York, Rio, or just to a friend's house, with the INVI Nano hookah, you have a loyal and long-lasting travel companion by your side.

These compact hookahs come with all of the following:

  • - Glass base
  • - Stem/body (either in stainless steel or aluminum)
  • - Silicone hose
  • - Aluminum mouthpiece (divisible)
  • - Built-in diffuser
  • - Transport bag
  • - Purge value with bearing
  • - Hose adapter
  • - Hose spring

How do you clean INVI Hookahs?

INVI hookah pipes are easy to assemble and are just as easy to take apart and clean. Like all other hookahs, your INVI hookah will need to be cleaned frequently. Your hookah and hose should be cleaned after each session. Over time, flavor or residue may settle in the hookah hose, which distorts the taste and spoils your smoking experience.

You can clean your hookah by following the step below:

  • - Disassemble your hookah into the different components.
  • - Rinse with warm water, and for a deeper clean use lemon juice or mild dish soap.
  • - Leave to dry and hang up any hookah hoses to drain and dry.
  • - Never place any component into a dishwasher as the high heat will cause damage.

INVI Hookahs


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