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No matter what your needs are, we have a hookah that's perfect for you. Whether it’s for you or for a gift, here you can find a hookah that fits within your budget! We carry all the most popular hookah brands, including Khalil Mamoon, MYA, Pharaohs, and Starbuzz.

At Hookah-Shisha, we carry a wide variety of hookahs, from traditional to modern hookahs. We also have a selection of hookah accessories, including hoses, bowls, hookah tobacco, and tongs. Get everything you need to get started or stock up your hookah supplies here on our website!

What is a hookah?

A hookah is a water pipe made for smoking shisha, a type of tobacco that consists of tobacco leaves, glycerin, molasses or honey, and flavoring. This shisha is packed into a hookah bowl and covered with foil or a heat management device. Hookah charcoal is then heated and placed on top of this bowl to combust the flavoring from the shisha thus creating flavored smoke vapor. The smoke vapor is pulled through the stem of the hookah through the water in the bottom, glass vase to cool before passing through the hose and inhaled by the user.

Traditionally hookahs have one hose however modern styles offer the ability to have multiple hoses. You can find more detailed information about hookahs here on our blog.

What are the different types of hookah?

The two main, different styles of hookah are “traditional”, which are handmade, and “modern” hookahs that are machine made. Traditional, handmade hookahs have a lot of character as they are made individually, one by one by a craftsman. This is reflected in the handmade etched designs, glass bases, weldings, and oftentimes, hoses. Modern hookahs that are made by machine can be made from a wide variety of materials. You can find modern style hookahs in all types of different metals from wood composites to aerospace grade aluminum!

What are the parts of a hookah?

Although there are many different styles of hookahs today, they all have the same basic parts.

  • 1. The base: Found on the very bottom of the hookah, the base is where water is filled that will cool the smoke before it passes into the hose and inhaled by the smoker. Hookah bases can be made from glass or acrylic with glass being the most common.
  • 2. The stem (or shaft): A hookah stem, also known as the shaft, is the most recognizable part of a hookah. Traditionally made from stainless steel or brass, hookah stems can be found in a wide variety of decorative styles and materials. This is the main connecting component for all of the other pieces for a hookah. Your bowl, hose, tray, and base will all fit together onto the stem for a complete assembly.
  • 3. The bowl: Arguably the most critical piece of a hookah, the bowl (also called a head) is where the shisha tobacco is packed into. Bowls are made from clay, ceramics, glass, and silicone.
  • 4. The hose: The hookah hose is used to draw, or inhale, smoke from the hookah. Today most hookah hoses are washable while some traditional style hoses are not. Traditional style hoses are made from either leather, vinyl or plastic, wrapped around a plastic coated metal coil. Washable hookah hoses are made from high grade silicone tubing. The hose handle on either variety can be made from wood, resin, metals, and even glass.
  • 5. The tray: Sitting underneath the hookah bowl, is the tray. The tray acts as a “catch” for coals that made roll off of the bowl while smoking, and it can also act as a holder for extra charcoal that is not being used.
  • 6. Rubber Grommets: While not all hookahs require rubber grommets to make connections between for the bowl, hose, and base, these pieces are crucial for ensuring the entire hookah set up is air-tight.
What is included with a hookah?

Every hookah for sale on our website comes with all of the necessary components to get smoking right away! You’ll receive a hookah base, stem, bowl, a hose and all of the needed rubber grommets for connecting your pieces. We also include a sample size of shisha tobacco as well as hookah charcoal!





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