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Fall Shisha Flavors

Shisha Tobacco Flavors Inspired By Autumn

The weather is chilly, the leaves are turning, and that means it's time to bake up some pumpkin pie, gather up the Halloween candy, pour yourself a cup of Turkish coffee and...SMOKE IT! There's nothing better than the smell of cooking shisha that matches the season.

 Candy Flavored Shisha Tobacco

'Tis the season to separate the good candies from the yucky ones that will sit in your cupboard for the next 8 months. While you're doing that, why not load up a hookah bowl with some sweets-inspired shisha?

Holiday Flavors In Your Shisha Bowl

It's a typical holiday snapshot: Granny's in the kitchen whipping up some Ginger Snaps, Uncle Bobby is licking the frosting off the chocolate cake, and you're in the garage with your water pipe smoking some dessert flavored shisha. Enjoy!

Sweet And Savory Shisha Flavors To Warm You Up

Ooooh the weather outside is frightful...so warm up your insides with a hot drink, some toe-tingling spirits, and some relaxing shisha flavors.

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  • Well, speaking of the Halloween that came by, I've found some tutorials for my hookah, I made a pumpkin-like hookah just to be in with the current season. I'd like to see what article you'll be posting upon December so I can incorporate it to what I'll design my next hookah.
  • Fantasia's Pumpkin Spice didn't make the list? I suppose it would be redundant of Starbuzz's Pumpkin Pie though.