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The Best Shisha Brands for Thick Smoke Clouds

The Best Shisha Brands for Thick Smoke Clouds

By clay / May 30, 2014

This blog was updated on 2/6/2019

Best Shisha Tobacco For Thick Hookah Smoke

It's not enough to just smoke hookah, sometimes you really want to SMOKE hookah. By that, I mean you want to see the biggest, thickest smoke clouds possible. While much of your smoke cloud density will have to do with your setup and heat management, the shisha that you choose will also be a factor. Generally more glycerin equals thicker smoke, and a juicier shisha can also yield large smoke clouds. These four brands will definitely get you puffing away like a choo-choo train, and when you want to mix up your own custom mixes follow our step by step blog for mixing.

Tangiers Shisha

Tangiers shisha tobacco is one of the stronger (buzzier) shishas, and it is a favorite among the most serious hookah smokers. Aside from the big flavor and big buzz, the big smoke clouds that this shisha produces are unparallelled. This shisha can be a little temperamental, however, and you must know how to properly use it to get optimal smokeability. This blog will walk you through the correct bowl, pack, and heat management to get the biggest hookah clouds from your Tangiers shisha. This brand is primarily available in Tangiers Noir and Tangiers Birquq, but for the smokers that enjoy a larger kick out of their session the Tangiers Burley (higher nicotine level) and Tangiers F-line (Caffeinated Noir) options are worth checking out as well. 

Tangiers shisha

Starbuzz Shisha

Starbuzz shisha tobacco is well known for its variety of flavors, juicy shisha, and big clouds,. You can find starbuzz in two different lines, something we like call OG Starbuzz would be found in a silver tin and Starbuzz Bold in a black tin. Starbuzz can be loaded with a semi-fluff pack inside a Phunnel, a Vortex, an Egyptian, heck any bowl will do, and still rock competitive clouds amongst other brands. There is no need to over pack this tobacco, the flavor and clouds come through with ease and power.

starbuzz shisha

Haze Tobacco

Haze tobacco has amassed a large following of new hookah smokers and many hookah enthusiasts, with a great collection of unique flavors that are created and manufactured here in Texas. This bright golden leaf tobacco offers a medium choppy cut, and a great amount of juices that produces MASSIVE clouds when packed right. In order to achieve these thunderous clouds we must feed this shisha some heat, so go ahead and pack a little more than you normally would or maybe toss on a 4th coal. This type of tobacco can stand up against flames, trust us, we're doctors. Check out our Haze shisha packing guide (video included) to learn the perfect way to pack and smoke Haze for maximum clouds.

haze shisha

Social Smoke

Social Smoke has a large selection of classic flavors, including some bold flavors that you would have never thought to be available in shisha form. This type of tobacco has a low heat tolerance, so it is best to sprinkle pack this shisha into your favorite bowl and kick back to enjoy the clouds. We have enjoyed massive cloud production while utilizing a Retro Harmony Bowl in combination with the Kaloud Lotus.

social smoke shisha

Fumari Shisha

Fumari shisha tobacco is another modern shisha brand that boasts deliciously original shisha flavors, packed in thick shisha juice. This higher level of glycerin/molasses mixed into the shisha will allow for more visible clouds and significantly thicker smoke when properly heated. Sprinkle this around a Vortex or Phunnel bowl, and you won't believe the size of your smoke clouds.

fumari shisha 1000g bag

Now that you know which brands you should be smoking for maximum cloudage, check out our 'how to get huge clouds' tips and tricks blog on special techniques and accessories that will allow you to reach maximum cloud potential with the thickest smoke you've ever seen! Happy smoking!

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