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Hookah Cooling Accessories, Hoses & Tips

Hookah Cooling Accessories, Hoses & Tips

By Katie / May 30, 2022

It seems as though most hookah lovers are in the constant pursuit of cooler hookah smoke. There have been a few hookah products over the years that have come in gone, but these have withstood the test of time! 

Mystique Hookah Ice Hose Tip

Mystique Hookah Ice Hose Tip

I've worked here for many, many years and still remember the stay when the Mystique Hookah Ice Hose Tip arrived! Our minds were blown! The Mystique Ice Tip is filled with small, non-toxic packets that look like little clear ketchup packets. Stick your Mystique Ice Tip in the freezer for at least an hour (two would be better) and the non-toxic packets will freeze up like ice cubes. At that point you are ready for an icy hookah session that can last up to two hours! Decorated with a band of Moroccan-inspired design the Mystique tip will work on most hoses that have a removable handle. Most hoses these days use surgical-grade silicone tubing that can slide over the "heel" end of the Mystique Ice Tip. Check out our hoses here!

MYA Freeze Hose

MYA Saray Hookah Freeze Hose

If you’ve been in the world of hookah for a minute then you should know MYA Saray. MYA has made some of the most popular and best products out there for decades. It’s no surprise they bought a freeze hose into their collection! The MYA Freeze Hookah Hose is 72” (including the handle) making this just as average as any other hose in size. Most importantly, it’s washable meaning this hose will last you a very, very long time with proper care. How does it work you say? The handle of this hose is removable, and included are two freezable ice capsules. Once you’ve had your MYA Freeze Hose Icicle Capsules in your freezer (until frozen) then you’re ready to roll! Put those frozen bad boys into the handle, thread it back onto the hose and chill out your session! As Mr. Freeze would say, “Can you feel it coming? The ice cold of space.”!

I know there are only two options here but you can add to either of them, or not, a couple of other timeless options to get a chilling hookah experience.

Ice, Ice, Baby

Ice Cube on surface

Before we had fancy gadgets to help cool down our hookah smoke, we had ice. Putting some ice into the water of your base definitely will help room temperature water come down to Chill Town. One thing to remember with this technique is to not over-do it. Remember your water level and account for the fact that ice melts, yes, it does. That melting ice as your session goes on, will raise your water level. I recommend putting your ice into your base first, and then add your water to where it’s barely covering up the bottom of your downstem.

Shisha That May Just as Well  be Considered Ice

Variety of ice flavored shisha options

As I mentioned in the beginning of this, people who want their hookah session cold want it COLD. That led some shisha brands to create some mint flavors that will almost give you a brain freeze. Depending on your vibe, here’s the menu:

  • Trifecta Original Twice the Ice - Considerably cold, this peppermint flavor shisha is good solo or as a mixer.

  • Trifecta Twice the Ice X - Take the above and crank the cold up about 150%. I would say you could smoke this by itself, but…I wouldn’t. Just the smallest pinch can put a freeze to any bowl!

  • Pure Tobacco FML, FML Blue, & FML Red - Peppermint, Spearmint, and Candy Cane respectively, the Pure Tobacco FML line can bring you your favorite type of mint to smoke solo or mixed into your favorite flavor(s). Worth mentioning:  FML Red is a more tame version of FML.

Using any of these options, or a combination of two or three, will definitely drop the temperature of your hookah smoke and/or flavor down. Just be careful out there!

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