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Hookah Accessories Buying Guides

Hookah Accessories Buying Guides

By double allen / December 13, 2021

Are you in the market for a new hose or looking to upgrade your bowl? Maybe you're switching to natural hookah charcoal and need a starting point on choosing which ones to go with. You can find use these guides on all things related to hookah accessories! 

Variety of hookah bowls on table

The Ultimate Guide to Hookah Bowls

Your hookah bowl is an essential piece your hookah experience. Upgrading the one that came with your hookah can make a huge difference! From traditional to phunnel style bowls to those compatible with HMDs, you can find all of your answers about bowls in this guide

Various hookah hoses

The Best Hookah Hoses

Much like hookah bowls, upgrading your hookah hose is an easy way to up your hookah game! The best hookah hose is a washable one. Discover which hookah hoses are the best of the best using this guide!

Coins falling

Upgrade Your Hookah (For Cheap!)

You don't have the break the bank to spruce up your hookah setup! Take a look at some simple, inexpensive upgrades you can make by checking out this guide

Hookah heat management device on bowl

What is a Heat Management Device?

Are you a foil user? Have you tried a heat management device (HMD) before? Do you know what they do? We break it all down for you here and explain the different styles of HMDs!

Pieces of hookah natural coconut charcoal in a pile

The Best Hookah Charcoal

Hookah charcoal just heats up your shisha and that's it right? There's more to the story! The best charcoal for hookah is natural coconut charcoal, hands down. Check out this guide to find out why and which ones are the best!

Hookah cooling accessories against ice cube background

The Best Hookah Cooling Accesories

From minty shisha to ice in your base, getting your hookah smoke COLD is enjoyed by nearly every hookah smoker! There are other ways accomplish a chilling and refreshing hookah session too! In this guide you can check out the best cooling accessories. 

These guides on hookah accessories are just the tip of the iceberg! If you need help on any other type of recommendation we're here to help! Don't hesitate to reach out to our Customer Service Team!

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