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Meet the Hookah-Shisha Team

Meet the Hookah-Shisha Team

By double allen / January 25, 2023

Hookah-Shisha began with two brothers while in college over two decades ago! Over the years people passionate about hookah, its culture and community have joined our team. Many of us who have worked here at Hookah-Shisha have been around since the very beginning or not long after. There are several teams who all play a vital role in making sure your experience with us is always as great as possible.

For those of you who have been extremely loyal over the years, we are entirely grateful, and you may recognize some of these names. These are the dedicated people who are behind the screen, answering your chat inquiries and picking up the phone. Find out a little more about how they were introduced to hookah and what they’re smoking!


"My first hookah experience was at a hookah lounge near the university here in Austin, Texas sometime around 2004 and I've been an avid hookah enthusiast ever since. I started working here at Hookah-Shisha in 2010 and it's been awesome to see how the hookah community has expanded and evolved over the years and to see all of the cool new hookah innovations along the way as well.

My first hookah setup was a Nammor Cleopatra with a Vortex bowl which I still own to this day. Right now I’m smoking a Regal Pinewood Queen with a Ripper hose, HookahJohn Harmony bowl, with an Apple On Top Provost HMD on foil. My flavor choices go through cycles, but right now my smoking rotation is Haze SubZero, Trifecta Twice the Ice, or Al Fakher Two Apples (double apple). My current soundtrack to pair with a hookah is Aquemini by Outkast."


"My favorite hookah setup is with a Starbuzz Carbine hookah. I like to use an Alpaca Rook bowl. I find that bowl holds a good amount of shisha for a good session. I enjoy smoking hookah while watching movies, shows or gaming. Some of my favorite flavors are Starbuzz Blue Mist, Fantasia Rainbow Burst, and Al Fahker Lucid Dream. For a good flavor mix, you can try combining all 3 flavors!"


"My first experience with hookah was back in 2016 when I was invited to a lounge by some co-workers. I really enjoyed the laid back vibes of the lounge and would frequent there. Then, I started working at a local smoke shop which furthered my interest in hookah and I quickly gained knowledge on set-ups and shisha.

I started working here at Hookah-Shisha in April of 2021 and from that point on I have learned so much and discovered unique flavors. My favorite shisha flavor is Nawar by Trifecta. I really love the powerful floral flavors of rose, lavender, and jasmine that create a truly spectacular blend. This blend pairs well with hibiscus tea, listening to some vinyls and chilling with my cat."


"I'm fairly new to the in-depth world of shisha. My first hookah setup was a MYA Bambino. I still love it. It’s compact and easy to clean. I usually smoke after finishing chores like a deep clean of my entire house as a way to unwind. I also smoke hookah after a long day at work while listening to music. I’m always learning more about hookah and shisha from my position here. My favorite blend to smoke is Al Fakher Berry and Orange."


"My introduction to hookah was in 2006 at one of the first local hookah lounges in San Marcos, Texas that sadly no longer exists. It was also where I had some of my first art shows as they prized themselves as a creative space with a modern aesthetic including their art deco hookahs. After I began working here at Hookah-Shisha in 2011, not only did my personal collection of hookah products expand but so did my hookah experience and knowledge. In working here I have met so many incredible people and lounge owners.

Some of my first hookahs were old-school brass Syrians that I still have, and today my favorite bowl is still a generic Egyptian- although I do enjoy a HookahJohn Harmony bowl occasionally. My hookah rotation varies between a Regal Queen, Khalil Mamoon Shamadan, MYA QT and my very first hookah from 17 years ago! - an Egyptian Pharaohs (take care of your stuff!). I’m usually smoking Al Fakher Two Apples or Rose, but I also love anything from Trifecta and Azure. If you’ve received my trading card with an order you also know that I use a paper towel grommet for nearly every bowl. It's all about that grip."

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