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Mya bowls get a gym membership, pump iron, get huge

Mya bowls get a gym membership, pump iron, get huge

By Grabertrain / July 14, 2008

Often the question is asked of us, "what is the largest bowl that you sell?" Up until this point the answer was always "well, that depends, the Mod Bowls are wider but shallower, the regular Mya ceramic bowls are deeper but narrower, and the large Phunnel bowl holds the most tobacco but smokes much differently than either of the previously mentioned bowls."

Behold, the "Jumbo" Mya bowls, the definitive answer to the aforementioned question. These "pumped up" ceramic bowls can claim two superlatives amongst our traditional hookah bowl collection: "Deepest" and "widest." With the capacity to hold up to 35g of shisha tobacco, these bowls are perfect for those who like an extra long smoking session and are great for hookah parties!

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