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Unbreakable Silikon (Silicone) Hookah Bowl

It's bouncy, it's resilient, it's the new unbreakable Amy Silikon Shisha Bowl! Silikon Silicone Hookah bowl for shisha

Unbreakable Silicone Shisha Bowl For Your Hookah

This innovative German design is guaranteed to simplify your hookah experience. The silicone-based bowl is made of 100% food grade consumer-safe silicone, which renders the bowl virtually indestructible. You can drop it, knock it over, or throw it to your dog - the Silikon Hookah Bowl will remain unbowed, unbent, and unbroken.

Even with its unbreakable design, the Silikon Hookah Bowl material is able to withstand the heat given off by hookah coals - there is no need to worry about the bowl being heat-damaged or melting. Bowl preparation is just like any regular hookah bowl - just pack your shisha and cover with foil and coals. The Silikon bowl is also extremely easy to clean and comes in two bowl styles: the Standard Silikone Hookah Bowl and the Phunnel Silikon Hookah Bowl.
Check out this Academy Award winning* promo video we made for the Silikon Bowl!
*We are our own Academy

Comments (6) -

  • Clever Game of Thrones reference.
  • Not buying this until someone smokes out of it daily for a month AND I see a vid of it with lit coals on top.

    Also, who cares if your dog can chew on it?  I buy him toys for that.
    • It was supposed to be a fun video, obviously don't give it to your dog. Feel free to check back on the product page in the future for customer reviews!
  • Hey, German guy over here ;D
    This is my favorite Hookah Bowl and I use it in nearly every Hookah session ('Standard' Design in combination with the Kaloud Lotus) There is really no problem with the material, no melting no 'wrong' flavour just great smoke. Also it gets not very hot in the lower part so after it is finished you can immediately grab it & refill it.