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Shop All Hookahs at Hookah Shisha

Are you looking to buy your first hookah or add to your collection? We're here to help you choose the best shisha for your next smoke session. is the original online hookah store, and we've been here since 2000. Our expert staff members can provide you with knowledge on hookah equipment and tobacco products. Below, you'll find some frequently asked questions. But feel free to contact our friendly customer service team about hookah use, flavored tobacco, and more. Check out our hookah blog for flavor recommendations, brand overviews, and informative guides.

What is a hookah?

A hookah is a type of water pipe made for smoking shisha tobacco. Hot charcoal is used to heat the hookah bowl and create flavored smoke vapor that is then cooled and filtered through water. They are built with a single hose option, but multi-hose hookahs are also a type of shisha that is extremely popular. Check out our blog for a more detailed look into what a hookah is and how to use one.

What do hookahs come with?

Every hookah for sale at our online store comes with everything that hookah smokers need to start right away. You'll get a hookah bowl, a hose, a shaft, a base, rubber grommets, a charcoal tray, and coal tongs. We also include several free gifts including your choice of shisha flavor, hookah charcoal, a cleaning brush, and a pack of aluminum foil.

Where do I buy a hookah pipe?

At our online hookah shop, you'll find only the best of the best when it comes to hookah gear. Our customer service team is on standby if you need help with choosing shisha accessories, charcoal, or hookah tobacco. We also make it simple to shop by brand, price, material, or style so you can find your perfect hookah package in no time. We've even created an in-depth blog to guide you through how to buy a hookah online.

How do I choose a hookah?

We sell hookahs as complete packages, which is best for beginner hookah smokers who may have trouble choosing their own shisha setup. Our site also makes it easy to piece together your very own custom hookah water pipe. First, find the hookah shaft that you want to use, and then pair it with one of our glass hookah base options. Our hose and bowl selection will give you endless options to choose from along with other hookah accessories. Reach out to our service team if you have any sizing or pairing questions.

How do I set up a hookah?

We sell mostly traditional style hookah models which have very similar parts and construction that are very easy to assemble. We’ve created an in-depth step-by-step hookah setup video tutorial to help you get started on putting your new setup together. Most traditional hookahs we carry can be assembled by following a few basic steps. We also carry a large variety of modern styled hookah options that are machine made with unique designs. Some glass and modern hookah designs follow a slightly different setup, but they’re usually pretty self-explanatory. Feel free to contact us with questions about any of the hookahs we carry.

How do I clean a hookah?

Our hookah packages include a shaft cleaning brush, and additional cleaning supplies can be purchased separately through our site. Using the stem brush and mild dish soap or lemon juice, scrub the inside of your hookah stem from either end and rinse thoroughly for everyday cleaning. For a deeper clean, you can check out Bling!, our go-to deep cleaning solution. To learn more about how to maintain your shisha pipe, check out our hookah cleaning and maintenance blog.

How often should I clean my hookah?

We recommend cleaning your hookah water pipe with a stem brush and mild cleaning solution like dish soap or lemon juice after every session. Use products like Bling! cleaning solution once a month or as needed on a case-by-case basis for a deeper clean from hookah smoke.

How do I make bigger hookah clouds?

No matter the size of your hookah, your cloud and vapor output will always depend on the preparation of your bowl. Loosely fill your hookah bowl with shisha tobacco to the top and gently pat down any leaves that may be sticking out above the rim. This will allow heat to evenly distribute throughout the shisha instead of getting blocked and creating a harsh session when packed too tightly. Make sure you have adequate heat on top of your bowl; otherwise, you could end up with thin hookah smoke and little flavor from your tobacco product. We recommend lighting at least two to three pieces of natural charcoal or two pieces of quick-lighting charcoal for each session. For more information on shisha preparation methods, heat management, and more, check out our hookah education blogs.

Do bigger hookahs make more smoke?

While the size of your hookah can affect the overall draw you experience and how much water you need to use, its size doesn't necessarily affect how much smoke is produced. A small hookah can smoke just as well as a large one with a well-prepared bowl.

Fumari M120 Hookah

Fumari is a long-time favorite brand for experienced hookah smokers and beginners alike. With its modern design, stainless steel, and top-quality glass, this is the best tool for your next hookah smoke sesh!

Mya Bacci Hookah

MYA boasts a small, yet powerful shisha for your hookah tobacco. The Bacci is nine inches tall and has a darker-colored stem for a new look to the classic and reliable MYA product line!

Mya QT Silver Hookah

At 14 inches tall, the Mya QT is a portable and durable hookah pipe. This workhorse of a shisha is one of the most reliable devices you can buy.

Khalil Mamoon Mini Classic Hookah

KM's Mini Classic is the perfect water pipe for a classic hookah lounge vibe. Coming in at 17 inches, it's an affordable and handsome addition to any hookah smoker's collection.

MYA Petite Hookah

The MYA Petite is the smallest hookah pipe in their product line. Expect high-quality hookah smoke from this pipe despite its short stature.

Khalil Mamoon Mini Beast Hookah

Khalil Mamoon delivers smoke quality and a top-notch stainless steel design. It makes for a great addition to any hookah lounge for a better smoking experience.

Mya Bambino Silver Hookah

The Bambino is 12 inches tall and has intricate Baroque ornamentation. Don't let the size fool you. It's a great option for any hookah smoker who appreciates detailed water pipes.

Khalil Mamoon Shareef Short Hookah

The Shareef Short is one of our most popular Khalil Mamoon hookah models. It provides an amazing smoking experience that can be shared with your friends and has a large bowl for your coal to last you a long session.

Khalil Mamoon Single Pear Medium Hookah

The Single Pear is a typical hookah design, but it's considered a classic for good reason. This model is replicated by other manufacturers, but no one does it better than Khalil Mamoon. Enjoy a lifetime of shisha sessions and hookah smoke with this pipe.

Mya QT Gold Hookah

The Mya QT is an option we have recommended to hookah smokers for years. It now comes in a gold model to level up your hookah lounge and is perfect for any social setting.

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