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Is your hookah bored of the same flavors? Try one of Romman's 8 brand-smoking-new shisha flavors!

Romman Shisha Tobacco - 8 New Flavors Are you growing bored with your same flavor? Have you lain awake at night wondering what new surprises Romman Shisha Tobacco is loading up, or fallen asleep to dreams of new flavors? Even if you haven't, the new flavors are here! Presenting, in alphabetical order:
Berries! Berry Breeze - A mouthful of sun-ripened berry flavor in smoke so thick and juicy, you'd expect it to stain your tongue purple!
Cappucino Cappuccino - Like the drink, this shisha pairs the bold flavor of espresso with a milky smoothness. Mix with Chocolate to create Mocha!!
Honeydew Honeydew - Succulently sweet, honeydew melon isn't just for brunch anymore! Smoke it up anytime, night or day.
Orange and Pineapple Ivory Coast - Combining Pineapple and Orange, Ivoy Coast is a bright burst of taste that's sure to hold your attention.
Nectarine Nectarine - Tangy-sweet Nectarine is sure to have your lips smacking for more.
Turkish Coffee Turkish Coffee - The warm, rich flavor of coffee with a whisper of exotic spice makes Turkish Coffee great for a distinguished, contemplative smoke
Vanilla Vanilla - With a smell as calming as the taste, Romman Vanilla will add a sleek sweetness to any other flavor, and is downright relaxing smoked by itself.
Watermelon Watermelon - Enjoy the crisp, clean taste of Romman Watermelon shisha without having to spit out any watermelon seeds!

Comments (16) -

  • wow will have to try the watermelon and Berry Breeze
    they seem tasty Laughing
  • Just after i placed an order vanilla gets released.... next time it will be mine!
  • Just tried the ivory coast and it was a flavor explosion!  The taste was strong and similar to an orange tic tac, and the smoke was the thickest I've gotten from romman in a long time.  Definitely going to order this flavor again!
  • Ben
    I have tasted berry breeze and vannilia and honey dew berry was my favorite there all good
  • Watermelon was amazing, Berry Breeze.. not so much. I really want to try Ivory Coast.
  • ben
    necterine is amazing ive tryed a lot of the  ivory coast is good watermelon is fantastic
  • havent tired these yet but the starbuzz brands are amazing
  • The watermelon is quite good - thick smoke, subtle sweetness. However, the flavor dissipates faster than my other favorite - cola.
  • I've had Berry breeze and watermelon and they are teh sex.  They need to make a pomegranate flavor though.
  • the vanilla has been out of stock for months! i want to try the romman vanilla!
  • Personally i didn't care for the vanilla by it self it tasted too much like carmel popcorn.
  • where's this kiwi flavor thats in the ad?!?!?!?
  • Rob
    Ivory Coast is  Amazing!!! best i've ever smoked i almost don't want to smoke any other flavor cause its so good
  • Ordered vanilla, melon berry, and ivory coast. Ivory was by far the best, great flavor. Vanilla had to strong of that vanilla taste to be smoked alone but it mixed very well with melon berry. Melon berry by itself was the same old fruit tasting shisha
  • I tried Ivory Coast for the first time at a bar ... and ever since then it has replaced Blue Mist (Starbuzz) as my favorite flavor. THE STRONGEST EVER!!! Strong until the bowl is beyond cashed...
  • I LOVE turkish coffee.  It is one of the best flavors I have ever smoked, a MUST HAVE!