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Al Fakher Hookah Reviews - AF Large Light & AF Large Solid

Al Fakher Hookah Reviews - AF Large Light & AF Large Solid

By Danny / July 1, 2015

Al Fakher is one of the biggest names in the hookah world, but they are mostly known for their excellent line of shisha tobacco. Did you know that Al Fakher also makes hookahs? If not, then consider this your introduction to two of their most popular models, the Al Fakher Large Light hookah and the Al Fakher Large Solid hookah.

What Makes An Al Fakher Hookah So Great?

Al Fakher hookahs are very traditionally designed Egyptian style hookahs. These particular models come with dual tone stems, two different removable downstems (stainless steel and acrylic), dual trays, a nice machine made Egyptian style clay bowl, and an Al Fakher hookah hose with removable wooden mouth tip and heel. Aside from the exterior design on the stems, the AF Large Light and AF Large Solid hookahs are identical. Both feature a large blue Al Fakher branded glass base with plenty of room for water and smoke.

Al Fakher Large Light Hookah Banner

We like Al Fakher hookahs because, while they are large (38" or so when fully assembled), they are extremely easy to set up, break down, and travel with. AF hookahs are incredibly lightweight for their size and with the removable downstems they can actually be packed up and moved around more easily than most Khalil Mamoon hookahs. If you like the idea of having a large and impressive hookah which can be easily broken down and stored, the AF Large hookahs may be perfect for you.

Al Fakher Large Solid Hookah Banner

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