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Espresso Hookah, Bronson Hookah, Matrix Hookah: 3 New Modern Hookahs

Espresso Hookah, Bronson Hookah, Matrix Hookah: 3 New Modern Hookahs

By Grabertrain / October 5, 2012
Hookahs come in all shapes and sizes, and from all over the world, and everyone has their opinions on non hand-made hookahs. While my posts lately have been highlighting new Egyptian-made hookahs such as Khalil Mamoon Hookahs and Nammor Hookahs, I don't want to let other great styles of hookahs fly under the radar.

Here are 3 brand new Chinese-made hookahs that have just come into our store, and I'd like to bring them into the spotlight because they are great-smoking, good quality hookahs and they really don't get attention they deserve!


Mini Espresso Hookah

Who doesn’t need a morning pick-me-up every now and then? The 14 inch tall Mini Espresso Hookah is the perfect way to enjoy some coffee-flavored shisha along with your cup of foamy wake-up juice.  

Hypnosis Bronson Hookah

Don’t be ridiculous and settle for a poor quality hookah, because the Bronson (1 hose) Hookah has come all the way from a foreign land to bring you happiness and companionship! From Hypnosis comes this 22 inch tall hookah that smokes surprisingly well and will stand tall on the wings of your dream. You may be asking yourself, “Get out of the city, this hookah is that good?” Believe it, I say, because the Bronson hookah is the perfect hookah to share with friends and strangers alike. Now we are so happy, we do the dance of joy!

Starbuzz Matrix Hookah

The Matrix (hookah) has you. Your life is the sum of a remainder of an unbalanced equation inherent to the smoking of this 25 inch tall hookah from Starbuzz. You are the eventuality of an anomaly, which despite my sincerest efforts I have been unable to eliminate from what is otherwise a harmony of mathematical precision. While it remains a burden to sedulously avoid it, it is not unexpected, and thus not beyond a measure of control. Which has led you, inexorably, to this blog post. Now, the only question you should be asking is, do you smoke the green shisha or the red shisha?

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