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Hookah Tips & Tricks

Hookah Tips & Tricks

If you're new to hookah or a long-time hookah enthusiast, tips and tricks on everything related to hookah are always welcome. You can quickly learn how to properly clean and prepare a hookah, or you can figure out ways to better your hookah sessions or an easy way to improve your hookah setup. 

We've gathered together some of the most popular hookah questions and created this menu of hookah knowledge as a back pocket reference for anyone smoking hookah. 

Hookah among smoke with clock and timer

How To Make a Hookah Last Longer

99.99999% of having a successful hookah session is in the shisha and heat management. Knowing what type of shisha you prefer, the bowls you like to use, and how to properly set up your hookah makes all the difference. Here is how to obtain the length of hookah session you're looking for. 

Closeup of shisha in a hookah bowl

How To Make Your Shisha Last Longer

Get the most out of your shisha and don't waste it! Here are some simple tips on how to be the most efficient with your shisha. 

Hands loading shisha into hookah phunnel bowl

How To Load a Phunnel Style Bowl

They're not hard to use, and they help get the most out of your shisha! As one of the most commonly used styles of hookah bowls today, phunnel style bowls have a couple different ways in how they are packed. This blog helps anyone from someone moving along from a Traditional Style hookah bowl to those whom may need some tips on phunnel bowl loading. 

Hookah with bowl sitting atop with Kaloud Lotus HMD

Kaloud Lotus HMD Compatible Hookah Bowls

If you're a HMD hookah smoker, or want to become one, you may or may not know not all hookah bowls may not work for you. Here is a guide on the basics of choosing a Kaloud heat management device compatible hookah bowl

Kaloud Lotus, Lotus II, Lotus III with Kaloud logo against smoke background

How To Keep Your Kaloud Lotus Clean

The Kaloud Lotus deserves all of the cleanliness care you give the other parts of your hookah setup. A Lotus is an investment so make sure you get all of the life out of it with these simple cleaning tips

Soapy sponge on plate

Hookah Cleaning & Maintenance

It doesn't matter if you're smoking solo or with friends, your hookah needs to remain clean to obtain optimal flavor and performance. Keep it clean and your hookah will last as long as the time you provide it proper care. Lean how to do so in this guide.

Various storage containers

Storing Shisha & Charcoal

Taking care of your hookah shisha tobacco and charcoal and it will take care of you! Don't waste your hard-earned coins! Use these tips on how to ensure your hookah essentials have their longest life potential. 

Pair of tongs holding pieces of lit hookah charcoal

How To Light Hookah Charcoal

You can't smoke a hookah without charcoal. Learn the ins-and-outs about how to properly light your hookah charcoal here

Illustration of coins

How To Upgrade Your Hookah (For Cheap)

There are many things you can do to upgrade your hookah setup without spending a lot. Check out this guide on how to do so!

Various liquids pouring into glasses

What to Add to Your Hookah Base Besides Water

Are you curious about a way to experiment with your hookah setup? There are some things you can add to your hookah base water that may lead you to discoveries. Just becareful about milk though...

Historical drawing of people smoking hookah

Hookah Culture & Etiquette

Don't be a hose-hog. Remember to respect the overall ideal of sharing a hookah among friends. Use this guide to show you know your stuff, and pass along the knowledge of this historical, communal ritual. 

Person blowing hookah smoke tricks

How To Do Hookah Smoke Tricks

Looking to impress your fellow hookah smokers and aficionados? Level up with some hookah smoke tricks! Check out these easy-to-learn smoke tricks!

Hopefully these guides get you on the right path when becoming familiar with hookah or becoming the most-hookah-knowledgeable among your fellow hookah smokers. If at any point you have questions about anything hookah related we're here to listen, guide, and help! You can reach us via phone, email, or live chat. 

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