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Hookah Tips and Tricks

Hookah Tips and Tricks

By Admin / March 26, 2014

Hookah Tips & Tricks

Bowl loading, helpful videos, cool tricks - peruse these guides to learn all sorts of neat hookah tricks that you may have overlooked.
 Longer Hookah Sessions How to Make Your Hookah Last Longer Learn how to get the most out of every smoking session.
 Best Hookah Videos Best Instructional, Product, and Review Videos We herded our extensive collection of hookah and shisha-related videos together on one page for your viewing pleasure.
How to Load a Vortex Bowl How to Load and Pack a Vortex Bowl Learn the best method for loading and packing the famous Vortex hookah bowl.
 How to Load a Funnel Bowl How to Load and Pack a Phunnel Bowl Get the most out of your new Phunnel shisha bowl.
 Best Hookah Base Additions Top 10 Things to Add to Your Hookah Base Try this guide out if you feel like doing a little bit of hookah experimenting.
 Kaloud Lotus Bowl Guide Kaloud Lotus Bowl Guide Learn which hookah bowls work best with the Kaloud Lotus Heat Management System.
 Hookah Smoke Tricks Hookah Smoke Tricks A fun collection of smoke rings and beyond.
 Hookah Culture Hookah Culture: Rules and Etiquette A quick lesson on the do's and don't's of the hookah world.


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