Zahrah Z41 Glass Hookah

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Zahrah Z41 Glass Hookah

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Zahrah Z41 Glass Hookah Description

Who's ready for thunder clouds? After much success of the popular Zahrah z70, we have a new honeycomb glass hookah in a much smaller size, simply titled the z41. The all glass Z41 hookah from Zahrah stands at 16 1/2 inches tall, with a wide base plate to insure stability. Unlike its predecessor the Z41 features a great amount of full color detail, featuring a full gold band around the base plate, with multiple ornate designs on the coal tray and glass ports. We've learned a thing or two in the past about judging hookahs based on their size, and this thunder cloud machine continues to turn heads, so let's see what's inside.

Zahrah Z41 HoneyComb Diffuser

One of the greatest features to ever bless a glass hookah has been the honeycomb diffuser, we've never had a inhale so smooth and effortless until these popped up on the market. Continuing with the goal of providing clean and smooth inhales, Zahrah has equipped the Z41 with an amazing honeycomb diffuser. This time around we find located lower than models that we've seen in the past, and this allows for a full use of all of the percs contained in the circular glass plate. Keeping your water level 1" - 3/4 of an inch above the diffuser is key to a great session, and with inhales that contain absolutely zero restriction, you might forget that you're smoking.

Z41 Glass Quality

You might be able to tell just by looking at the base or coal tray, but the Z41 utilize a high quality of glass for a superior level of stability. This glass measure at 7mm of thick German grade glass, and receives a close eye to detail as it is handcrafted here in the US. Even though this hookah measures out to 16 1/2" tall, it still weighs about 5lbs, easing the worries of ever tipping over a hookah this precious.

Z41 GOG Design

With the Z41 being an all glass hookah, it doesn't take long to realize that each joint section will feature a glass on glass connection point. The medium size glass coal tray is single piece that contains the bowl port, both ends of this piece contain no sandblasted tips. This prevents any excess juice from your shisha to ever affect the glass on glass fitting, so when you're ready to break it down after a session it won't be a struggle to separate the two pieces. The tray should be used for ashing your charcoal, do not leave lit charcoal on the glass tray.

The bottle shape design is something we don't see often in glass hookahs, and even with the smaller size we can still utilize our favorite hoses in the open valve ports. At the ends of the purge and hose ports, you'll find a gold wrapped design, and the glass purge makes for a very easy clearing of the small base.

Included Zahrah Accessories

This small hookah is guaranteed to get the party started with a great amount of included accessories, I mean who likes to receive an incomplete package? No one, that's why this Zahrah Z41 has a included glass phunnel bowl, and a glass tipped hose. The included glass phunnel bowl is almost as simple as a Egyptian bowl, when it comes to loading your favorite flavors. The raised center spire will prevent any juice from ever entering your stem, and the glass on glass fitting gives you a tight seal.

Once your bowl is cooking, you'll find the wide gauge hose to be your best friend with this setup. This medical grade silicone hose is fully washable, and it features comfortable thick glass mouth tip.

Note: You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this product.

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"Ridiculously quiet"
Donald Good on Saturday, June 17, 2017 11:56:43 PM

I love this hookah its insanely quiet and smooth compared to my other hookahs

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