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Starbuzz Unicus 2 Hookah

SKU: BTO-Hookah-Starbuzz-Unicus-2.0

The Starbuzz Unicus 2.0 hookah lives up to the standards set by its predecessor, the Unicus 1.0, just with a few tweaks! From the get go, you'll notice a slightly redesigned stem that reinforces the modern, machine made nature of these hookahs.

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Starbuzz Unicus 2.0 Hookah

Starbuzz is looking out for your wallet with their latest Unicus hookah model. This muti colored delight is what we call modern with twist. The compact design allows you to show off this hookah on any flat surface, because the 17" inch height won't get in your way.


We've seen these hookahs used everywhere from small gathering to IG post from the bar, and it's because they get the job done. Additionally, the stem will rest atop a two-tone glass base with multiple color options available.


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