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The Best Hookahs of 2024

The Best Hookahs of 2024

By smokeorpass / October 18, 2023

Every year we like to highlight some of the most popular hookahs that have quickly become favorites for us and you. It's not only a popularity contest. We also enjoy these hookahs for many reasons from build quality to performance to looks!

This list isn't in any particular order, but it highlights popular models and high sellers ignoring their initial release date. Kick back, scroll, and enjoy. 

Smokezilla Muto

Smokezilla Muto with cut out showing various sizes it back be configured

Once these arrived on our shelves we knew they would be an immediate hit. The Smokezilla Muto comes from Germany and features top-shelf, premium quality in it's design and build. You kind of get three hookahs in one with this bad boy. Fully assembled with all of the included parts the Muto is 26" in heightBUT what's unique with the modular stem is that you can remove sections to change the height of the hookah based on what you're feelin' that day. 

High-quality decorative resin pieces are both on the hookah stem and the handle of the washable hose. The crystal-cut designed glass base connects to the hub with a twist-to-lock design. Where did the purge valve go? It's built secretly within the hub for a much cleaner aesthetic! 

The Muto will come with a removable diffuser as well as a tradtional bowl and chimney-style heat management device that can be used in replace of foil. 

INVI Tesseract 

INVI Tesseract hookah shown with close up of hose adapters and molasses catcher

Let's talk about customizable and premium quality! The German based INVI brand delivers both with all of their hookah models and especially so with the Tesseract shown here in the Gun Metal Black option standing in all its 30" tall glory. 

The stainless steel stem features a removable molasses catcher to keep those juices out of your stem and base water. Use it or don't, but you might quickly find a molasses catcher will change your hookah game forever. When you are not using the molasses catcher the top portion fits into the bottom portion without the use of a grommet due to the "18/8 grind" connections. That same 18/8 grind connection is also found in the hose ports. The hose adapters can be used with the included 18/8 grind hose heels or with regular hookah hose grommets - the choice is yours but we're really digging a grommet-less set up. 

The threaded base connection means no more base grommets! On the bottom of the downstem is an included, removable diffuser for muted rumbles of flavorful smoke. You'll also receive a traditional style bowl that comes with a chimney-style heat management device. 

INVI Stainless Steel Nano

INVI Stainless Steel Nano shown with included accessories

There are two versions of this hookah model, with the other option being the Aluminum INVI Nano, but we've chosen the INVI Stainless Steel Nano for is beefed up weight and stronger build material.  

Outside of those two factors both models of the INVI Nano are the same. You'll receive a padded carrying bag with a sleeve that holds all of the disassembled pieces. What's also unique to the Nano is its threaded top, meaning to fussing with grommets (other than for your bowl of course). The INVI Nano hookahs are right at 7.5" tall and plume up the same huge clouds you can expect from any larger hookah models.

Bring the Nano with you on any of your travel journies or use it as the perfect desktop hookah!

Khalil Mamoon Mini Classic

Khalil Mamoon Mini Classic Hookah shown in various colors

If there’s one thing we’ve learned through all our years of hookah smoking, it's that you should never judge a hookah by it’s size. The Khalil Mamoon name has been around for decades and so have some of their hookah models.

This KM Mini Classic and some of their other smaller hookahs, like the KM Mini Beast, have been the first hookah for so many people that it’s hard to keep track.

They stand 17” tall and work perfect for small area situations like apartments, dorms, or desktops. These hookahs are crafted just like the models used for lounges, so they’re built to last with proper care. They feature a unique style base and you can choose from several different color options!

Khalil Mamoon Shareef Short Hookah  

Khalil Mamoon Short Black Shareef Hookah

Who doesn't like a traditional hookah design with a little modern touch? The Khalil Mamoon Shareef Short has been one our most popular KM hookahs for several years and they've recently updated the base design as well as the electroplated stem while improving the exterior coating and including new colors.

We've selected the black option in this model as it's definitely the most popular color choice. This matte black color doesn't show finger prints and the stainless steel construction aids against rust and corrosion, so it always looks stealthy. Standing at 30", including the bowl, this hookah shaft falls into the average height category but it's slim enough to be a phenomenal new addition to the living room. It's the same as it's big brother, the ever-so-popular KM Shareef, but just a tad bit smaller. 


MYA Saray QT Hookah

My first hookah” - “The smoke shop hookah” - “Holy crap all that smoke came from that hookah!?” The Mya QT hookah goes by several names and over the many years this design has stood tall atop all of the other MYA hookahs.

This is the type of hookah that you’ll probably find your favorite color in with matching accessories. The compact design stands at 14” in height and it can be broken down quick and easy. The MYA QT hookah is also available with either a silver stem or gold stem

Starbuzz Carbine

Starbuzz Carbine Hookah

HOLY MOLY! This hookah made one heck of an entrance once they arrived and we’re glad to have them on the site. The Starbuzz Carbine hookah is an all-terrain hookah with adjustable legs. You heard that right; ALL-TERRAIN or ADJUSTABLE LEGS (whichever one was more shocking to you).

This hookah packs an insane amount of features into a very unique design. You’ll be able to adjust the height of not only your legs but also the downstem and diffuser to create the perfect flow of air in your session. Whenever it’s time to pass the hose, be sure to check out the (removable) rotating hub that spins a full 360 while you pass. 

Sheeshaya Hazard

Sheeshaya Hazard hookah shown with included travel bag and in various colors

Small, travel friendly hookahs were once difficult to find in the market but they've become more prominent in the past few years. Advances in design and materials used allow the travel friendly hookahs of today to far surpass what was available before. The Sheeshaya Hazard is a prime example of this, and it may be one of the most durable travel hookahs to date. 

This 8" tall hookah is a stainless steel tank. It's heavy duty construction can immediately be felt when you have a Hazard hookah in your hands. The Hazard comes with a convenient padded carrying bag that easily holds all of the included parts for the hookah.

Available in a variety of color options, each Hazard hookah will come with a washable silicone hose but the built-in male fitting hose adapter will work with nearly any other hookah hose you may already have as long as the heel tip is removable. 

Note: The Sheeshaya Hazard does not come with a bowl but the standard bowl stem means you can use any hookah bowl with the appropriate bowl grommet. 

B2 Hookah Stems

B2 Hookah Stems

B2 Hookah Stems are the results of high level engineering and one man's deep passion for hookah culture. Designed and crafted in California, B2 Hookahs utilize a high grade aluminum metal and precise CNC machinery to create each shaft in small batches.

The original, modular stem can be used at 3 different heights and it can be disassembled in a flash thanks to the fine deep threading of the metal. The eye catching fin design of the exterior reminds us of heatsinks on a computer motherboard and they function in a similar way by drawing heat away from your shaft. Since the original, they have introduced two other models, the F-22 and the SS-Inox, to give you even more modern hookah options. Pair these with any style of base you please and you definitely will have a hookah that is like no other!

Oduman Micro

Oduman Micro Hookah

Everyone needs a travel style hookah, that has to be at least one of the reasons the Oduman Micro is on this list. Standing at 6" in height the Micro makes the perfect hookah for table tops, coffee tables, camping or beach trips, and just any type of travel overall so you can have a hookah at hand wherever you may end up smoking!

It’s the awesome hookah you bring to your friends house when they don’t have one and you don’t want to break out your larger one. A carrying case is included plus you get a washable hose, and it’s one of the quickest sessions you’ll put together. 

Regal Queen Nutwood

Regal Queen Nutwood Wood Hookah

When you’re looking for a unique American made hookah that you can really customize, look no further than the Regal hookah collection. The Queen model and all her curves cut from natural Nutwood is our most popular shaft. These hookahs arrive presealed so you won’t spend a lot time maintaining the exterior besides an occasional spot clean.

Each shaft is built with a wide gauge stainless steel downstem that creates a comfortable and less restricted inhale. This year the Regal team released their Crown Tray that really takes the eye candy level of their shafts to the next level. 

If you're interested in hookahs that feature that wood aesthetic, you may also want to check out Wookahs.

That's a wrap! 

Let us know what your favorite hookah is in the comments below! :)

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