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The Best Hookah Products to Try in 2024

The Best Hookah Products to Try in 2024

Well folks, we’ve successfully completed another lap around the sun and we’re already a week into the new year! This is the perfect time for us to go over some of the best hookah products we saw last year as well as share with you some products you may have missed and should definitely try out!

While we saw many new products in the past year, here is an overall list of what hookah smokers like yourself, ourselves included, were, and still are, hyped about.

AO Heat Management Devices (HMDs)

The AO 912 Stainless Steel HMD

AO 912 Stainless Steel HMD shown in various available colors

As it has been for the last couple decades, the hookah continues to evolve with the times. This is very apparent when it comes to how we heat up and smoke our favorite shishas. Have you changed over to or tried a hookah heat management device before? If not, this may be the year to do so. 

The AO 912 HMD is made from one solid piece of stainless steel and brings a new (but already understood to most HMD users) take on HMDs…no lid. Because it is made from stainless steel, the AO 912 HMD may take a little longer to heat up, but it retains heat like a champ! Most HMD users only use their HMD lid in the beginning of starting a bowl anyway, and so this is why this AO HMD continued to impress us the more we used it. It was difficult to overheat this thing and we saved a lot on charcoal.

The AO Badcha Chimney Style HMD

AO Badcha Chimney HMD shown solo, with box, and with coals

Although this style of HMD has been around for a long while, they are beginning to make a comeback statement. One might even say these were the “beginnings of HMDs” because of their simplicity. You may have received something similar kitted with a hookah you have purchased in the past few years. 

With a 3” bottom cup opening, the AO Badcha Chimney Style HMD will work with nearly any bowl on the market. It can be used in combination with or without foil, and allows for easy coal management during your smoke sessions.

Shisha Tobacco

Shisha Kartel

Shisha Kartel 50g boxes showing six available flavors with a sample of shisha

As one of the most anticipated shisha releases of last year, Shisha Kartel introduced to the hookah world new flavor blends in an easy-to-smoke, blonde leaf shisha tobacco. Two years of extensive testing in the most prominent hookah markets is what allowed the makers of Al Fakher to develop these proprietary, premium mixes.

  • Bullets or Benjamins
  • Capo De Capi
  • Krazee Kombo
  • Guilty Gang
  • Money Madness
  • Sexy Sheba

In the Shisha Kartel mixes you can expect unique blends from all different styles of flavor. From aromatic fruits and tropical-inspired combinations to rich, dark sweet notes there is a Shisha Kartel flavor for everyone! 

Al Fakher States of Taste

Al Fakher States of Taste 250g jars showing three available flavors

Over the years Al Fakher continues to create new shisha journeys for us and they did it again with their new States of Taste lineup! Each one brings the essence of each location into your hookah sessions right at home.

California Citrus Breeze is a citrusy combination of orange, lemon, and grapefruit. Florida Orange Creamsicle is reminiscent of the citrus groves of the state. As one of the most unique shisha blends we’ve seen in a while, Georgia Peach Pie packs in a lot more than just what its name suggests: Spiced peaches meet the crispness of green apple and delicate jasmine, but notes of vanilla, coconut, and plum are included for a fragrant smoke.

German-Made Hookah Pipes

The INVI Tesseract

INVI Tesseract hookah pipe shown with included accessories

At 30” in height the INVI Tesseract is an amazing deal for a completely modular hookah with all of the bells and whistles. There are four available hose adapters for smoking with others, and each one comes with an optional metal hose heel for a grommet-less “18/8 grind connection”.

Also included is an optional molasses catcher to help prevent harsh smoke, messy stems, and cleaner flavor. A twist-to-lock base connection and a chimney style HMD are also packed with this setup. 

The Smokezilla Minya

Smokezilla Minya hookah pipe shown with detail closeups

Another one of our favorite German hookahs is the Smokezilla Minya. This one also comes with an optional molasses catcher, and if you haven’t caught on yet…molasses catchers are a new piece of hookah gear everyone must try this year.

The 28” height is perfect for a low tabletop setup or a floor hookah. Four available hose ports allow for easy conversion to smoke with friends, and a twist-to-lock base means no more fussing with base grommets.

Hookah Charcoal

Al Fakher Natural Coconut Charcoals

Al Fakher Coconut Charcoal shown in various available sized boxes

More and more hookah smokers are seeing and using the benefits of natural hookah charcoal. They burn hotter for longer and save you money in the long run. Al Fakher Coconut Charcoal is no exception to the rule.

Available in 36pc, 72pc, 144pc, and 10kg cases, the AF Coconut Coals are cube-style (25mm x 25mm x 25mm). Depending on your hookah bowl, and foil versus HMDs, 2-3 pieces of coal at a time get the job done right.

Other Hookah Accessories

HookahJohn Hookah Hoses

HookahJohn Knurl and Flaca hoses shown together for comparison

These top-tier hookah hoses feel like value in your hand. Two versions are available depending on your taste and preference when it comes to the handle. The HookahJohn Knurl hose is the beefier of the two with a wide gauge handle that features machine knurling for a good grip. The thinner HookahJohn Flaca hose handle is closer to what most are probably used to in size, and it also features the same knurled grip.

No matter which of these washable hoses you go with you’ll immediately notice right out of the box the high quality materials and craftsmanship.

HookahJohn Hookah Bowls

Various styles of HookahJohn bowls shown together

HookahJohn bowls have been a staple in the hookah community for a long while. They are extremely versatile for both blonde and dark leaf shisha tobacco blends, and they are available in the most commonly used bowl styles.

Most recently HookahJohn released all new color combinations as well as new versions of familiar styles made from unique clay from European regions.

Hookah Trends You Need to Hop On

This category exists on this list not only because of the growing popularity of these hookah accessories but also because these are hookah accessories that can make your hookah setup, cleanup, and performance much better. They’re inexpensive additions/upgrades you can make for a new year…and you won’t be disappointed. 

Molasses Catchers

AO Molasses Catcher shown in various available colors as well as displayed on a hookah

As previously mentioned on this list, hookah molasses catchers can completely change how you experience hookah. While some hookahs may come with their own proprietary molasses catcher, you can pick up an AO Molasses Catcher to use with just about any other hookah out there.

These simple upgrades for your hookah help keep molasses from your shisha from dripping down into your hookah’s stem and base. This helps prevent harsh smoke and makes clean-up a lot less messy. Molasses catchers also help keep your shisha flavor clean and true. 

Hookah Diffusers

AO Silicone Diffuser

Over the years we’ve seen many different styles of hookah diffusers but these soft silicone ones have outlasted and out-performed for a while now. The AO Silicone Diffusers come in a wide variety of colors to match your setup, and because of their pliable structure they work in nearly any hookah base.

Quiet down your hookah rumbles and soften/smooth your draws of smoke with a diffuser!

Hookah Charcoal Holders/Carriers

AO Arabesk Charcoal Holder

This is one piece of hookah gear that most people don’t consider…and I have a hard time understanding why. Just like Hookah Wind Covers, Hookah Charcoal Holders are often overlooked but they both are extremely useful to have on hand for any hookah smoker. 

The favorite hookah charcoal holder/carrier right now is the AO Arabesk. This small but mighty coal holder is about 11” in total length and has a low profile of about 6”. Its 5.5” diameter coal cup is removable for easy cleaning.

Keep extra lit coals on hand during a session, carry coals from your burner to your bowl, or use the Arabesk after a session to discard leftover bits of coals while they burn out.

You should get SOME kind of hookah charcoal carrier/holder this year!

Honorable Mention: Hookah Bowl-Sized Foil Rolls

AO Panzer Hookah Foil Roll

Not to be dismissed as an afterthought, having dedicated hookah foil is always a good idea. If you’re a frequent hookah smoker throughout the week you can understand how much foil you use up quickly.

Sure, you can use pre-cut foil sheet packets, or if you want to sacrifice your kitchen foil roll for homemade sheets, you do you. However, what’s better than a little mini roll of foil for your hookah bowls that’s already cut to the perfect width?

The AO Panzer Foil Roll is cut to width, extra thick, and about 75 feet in length! That’s a lot of bowls!

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