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What is the Best Hookah? Personal Hookah Picks from Seamus

One of the questions we are most frequently asked is, "What kind of hookah should I get?", or, "What is the best hookah?" There really isn’t one right answer to this question, but there are several wrong answers, depending on the person. So to best avoid disappointment, please allow me to point out a few of my personal favorite hookahs:I smoke hookah every day at work; I keep an Egyptian Furat Hookah on my desk for flavor sampling because it is small, conspicuous, and the washable hose is super easy to clean. The Furat is my "9-5er" and a terrific hookah on a budget - the best hookah on the market for under $40 in my opinion. We also have a Mya Acylic I Gold Hookah in our office for meetings and group sessions. This hookah we nicknamed "Evel Knievel" because no matter how many times it gets knocked down, it still kicks ass! As a hookah designed for rowdy occasions, it can be converted to accommodate four hoses at once. At home I have a Nammor Old School Hookah which is almost solely used for entertaining, and as such it is referred to as the "Party Hookah". The Old School is perfect for parties due to its size, stability, and unique rotating action. By allowing the base to swivel, the hose is passed much easier and eliminates a large majority of hookah related accidents because it is no longer necessary to move the hookah when passing the hose. The hookah I give most often as a gift is the Nammor Cleopatra Hookah. It has a classic design with a welded-on hose adapter making for an extremely wide opening at the hose port. With the Cleopatra Hookah you receive a Nammor Hookah Hose, which of course is washable and has the widest bore on the market. The awesome airflow, the classic look, and the famous hose make the Cleopatra Hookah my personal favorite, truly earning the title "Queen of the Nile". For people that are not confirmed hookah enthusiasts yet, I give the Mya Bambino Hookah. The Bambino is small but powerful, comes with a great case so it is convenient to travel with, and is, in fact, the best-selling hookah for around $60. It’s perfect for taking to friend’s hoses for gatherings large and small. The Bambino is "The Traveler." But if none of these hookahs are up to snuff for you, the one I can recommend is the Mya Gyro Hookah. The construction and attention to detail in design truly make it one of those one-of-a-kind, traffic stopping hookahs. If you are looking for a centerpiece for any room of your house, or really just want to blow away all your friends, this is the hookah for you. The Mya Gyro is sure to provide the appropriate "shock and awe," which is my nickname for this gem.

Hookahs can be an important expression of your personality or they can be something you keep in a closet and pull out only special occasions. Either way, if this list did not bring you any closer to making a decision please contact us and we will be happy to offer more tailored service. As always, Happy Smoking!

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  • Jon
    Great revue!

    I was about to say, lately, all my friends have been getting new hookahs, I've had mine for about 5 + years and never really had problems with it (and still don't).  Been shopping around, was checking out the Regal hookah, was checking out the Mya Crystal hookah, but after reading this, it made my day, my Mya Gyro is fine and still captures the attention of (not only everyone who sees it) every one as soon as they experience what it has to offer!  Def keeping it for another 5 years!

  • fumo lavoo and kahlil are personally what i think are the best ..... and sorry to anyone who bought a Khanjar Night that is the only hookah this website sells that isn't quality !
  • As an experienced smoker and a long time hookah bar employee, I absolutely agree that there is no one top hookah. It all depends on what you're going for when you smoke. If you're looking just for smoke thickness, go for an Egyptian hookah like a KM Single Pear. If you're looking for flavor, MYA Saray hookahs (particularly the Astra and the Tank) stand out the most. If you need your smoke ultra smooth and relaxing, Pharaoh CYA hookahs make a great impression. If you're on a budget, Havana and Hypnosis hookahs like the Dancer and the Jr. do the job without destroying your wallet. It's not always the case, but usually taller hookahs give a smoother smoke while shorter hookahs typically give a more powerful taste. Something with a huge base can give more versatility to its smoke abilities (depending on how you fill it). It all comes down to what you like. Personally I feel the MYA Saray Urban hookah gives the best blend of smoothness, clouds, and flavor quality out there.
  • You said absolutely NOTHING about how any of them actually smoke. Wouldn't you think that would be the MOST IMPORTANT info to provide??? Who cares about how it looks and what your guests think about centerpiece!?
  • Ben
    Well, really nearly all hookahs smoke the same as long as you know how to pack consistently. There really isn't any difference, length wise, base wise to the smoke.