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Top 10 Hookahs Of 2018

Top 10 Hookahs

It's been a while since we took a look at this list and since we're nearing the end of the year, what better time than now! These last couple years have shown us that hookah pipes will continue to evolve based on trends and listening to customers desires.

This list isn't in any particular order, but it highlights popular models and high sellers ignoring their initial release date. Kick back, scroll, and enjoy. 

1. Khalil Mamoon Black Shareef Hookah

Khalil Mamoon hookahs

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Who doesn't like a traditional hookah design with a little modern touch? The Khalil Mamoon Black Shareef has been one our most popular KM hookahs for several years and they've recently updated the base design while improving the exterior coating.

This matte black color doesn't show finger prints and the stainless steel construction aids against rust and corrosion, so it always looks stealthy. Standing at 33", including the bowl, this hookah shaft falls into the average height category but it's slim enough to be a phenomenal new addition to the living room.

2. B2 Hookah Shafts

B2 Shaft breakdown

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B2 Hookah Shafts are the results of high level engineering and one man's deep passion for hookah culture. Designed and crafted in California, B2 Hookahs utilize a high grade aluminum metal and precise CNC machinery to create each shaft in small batches.

This modular hookah can be used at 3 different heights and it can be disassembled in a flash thanks to the fine deep threading of the metal. The eye catching fin design of the exterior reminds us of heatsinks on a computer motherboard and they function in a similar way by drawing heat away from your shaft.

Pair this shaft up with a stylish tray like the one B2 has to offer, and slap on a large glass base to create your custom B2 hookah. Did you miss out on their limited edition model?

3. Oduman N3

Oduman N3

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Handblown in Turkey with super thick glass and high quality stainless comes one of the sturdiest glass hookahs in our collection. The intelligent design of the Oduman N3 model gives it unique features like a threaded washable hose, removable diffuser, and a metal bowl port for tighter bowl fittings.

If you’re really feeling creative, remove the coal tray and bowl port to fill the glass base with fresh fruit and mint leaves. The N3 will arrive with a recessed portion on the underside to allow a LED puck light to fit snugly. 

4. Starbuzz Carbine Hookah

Starbuzz Carbine Zombie Green

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HOLY MOLY! This hookah made one heck of an entrance this year and we’re glad to have them on the site. The Starbuzz Carbine hookah is an all-terrain hookah with adjustable legs. You heard that right; ALL-TERRAIN or ADJUSTABLE LEGS (whichever one was more shocking to you).

This hookah packs an insane amount of features into a very unique design. You’ll be able to adjust the height of not only your legs but also the downstem and diffuser to create the perfect flow of air in your session. Whenever it’s time to pass the hose, be sure to check out the (removable) rotating hub that spins a full 360 while you pass. 

5. Regal Queen Redwood Hookah

Regal Redwood Queen

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When you’re looking for a unique American made hookah that you can really customize, look no further than the Regal hookah collection. The Queen model and all her curves cut from natural Redwood is our most popular shaft. These hookahs arrive presealed so you won’t spend a lot time maintaining the exterior besides an occasional spot clean.

Each shaft is built with a wide gauge stainless steel downstem that creates a comfortable and less restricted inhale. This year the Regal team released their crown tray that really takes the eye candy level of their shafts to the next level. 

6. Shika Legend Hookah

Shika Hookah Legend

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Since we started carrying Shika Hookahs back in 2015, there was always one model that sold out quickly and required several restocks. It was the Shika Electroplated Legend hookah and we’re still restocking it to this day after several tweaks and upgrades. These hookahs are handcrafted in Egypt with brass metal and utilize a wide gauge copper downstem to create jumbo clouds.

Our latest Shika models arrived this summer (unloading that shipment in Texas heat uhhff) and with it we received 3 metallic colors of the Legend: Red, Blue, and Black. We’re gonna need to restock soon and it’s no surprise to us but this popular Shika streak is legen wait for it....DAIRY.

7. Wookah Walnut Hookah

Wookah Walnut Hookah

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This is the type of centerpiece you would see on “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”....did anyone watch that show?

These beautiful hookahs are handmade in Poland, all the way down to the cut crystal glass bases. The smoking experience is enhanced by a fine tuned V2A stainless steel internal hub that features a matching set of wide gauged hose and purge ports.

We started off with 3 wood colors and 5 crystal bases, but now we offer 11 types of wood grain with 11 crystal bases because of your feedback. Walnut was a part of the original 3 and solidified its spot on our most popular list. 

8. Khalil Mamoon Mini Beast

Khalil Mamoon Mini Beast

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If there’s one thing we’ve learned through all our years of hookah smoking, it's that you should never judge a hookah by it’s size. The Khalil Mamoon name has been around for decades and so have some of their hookah models.

This KM Mini Beast and some of their other smaller hookahs have been the first hookah for so many people that it’s hard to keep track.

They stand 16” tall and work perfect for small area situations like apartments, dorms, or desktops. These hookahs are crafted just like the models used for lounges, so they’re built to last with proper care. 

9. Mya Qt Hookah

Mya QT Hookahs

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“My first hookah” - “the smoke shop hookah” - “holy crap all that smoke came from that hookah” The Mya Qt hookah goes by several names and over the many years this design has stood tall atop all of the other MYA hookahs.

This is the type of hookah that you’ll probably find your favorite color in with matching accessories. The compact design stands 10” and it can be broken down quick and easy with a gentle untwist at the threading. 

10. Oduman N2 Travel

Travel Glass Hookahs

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Another Oduman! If you read #3 we’ll skip the background info and materials on Odumans, so we can talk about why this hookah made this list. Everyone needs a travel style hookah, that has to be at least one of the reasons.

It’s the awesome hookah you bring to your friends house when they don’t have one and you don’t want to break down your larger one. The carrying case is included plus you get a washable hose, and it’s one of the quickest sessions you’ll put together. 

That’s a wrap

Let us know what your favorite hookah is in the comments below. :)
Thanks for reading.


Comments (357) -

  • I think wookah is the best hookah for now.
  • The Oduman N3 looks so sleek. If I could ever afford one i'm sure it'd be my favorite.
  • I'd probably have to go with the B2 precious cut Smile
  • Regal Queen is definitely my favorite.
  • Favorite hookah..... That is a hard one to pick, but I have to go with the B2 Reaper.

    The Oduman N2 is a close second.
  • My favorite hookah is the Starbuzz Challenger.
  • The full-sized Starbuzz Atlantis Ice hookah, when properly utilized, is without rival. Best smoke of my life.
  • The Oduman N2 Travel.  Everyone needs a travel hookah.
  • The shika legend will be my choice. I am a fan  of traditional hookahs. They are long lasting and perform the best in my opinion. I own a legend and a cersei. 5 out of 5 quality and durability
  • The Mya QT hookah is phenomenal! It hits well on the first drag and is extremely easy to set up. Cleaning it is simple and easy due to the small design, as well as takes up very little storage. I highly recommend it!
  • The Khalil-Mamoon Mini Beast gets my vote! KMs have always been the best in terms of price to performance!
  • Love this list. There are some great hookahs on here. Some I've personally never heard of but the ones I've tried on this list have been absolutely amazing.
  • Favorite from the list would be the Starbuzz Carbine but my all time favorite will always and forever be a KM Trimetal Heart of a Lion
  • I would have to choose the Regal. It’s absolutely gorgeous.
  • I have many hookahs
    4 hookahs Khalil Ma’amoon
    1 starbuzz ice hookah
    1 small Mya hookah
    1 regal queen hookah
    1 Prometheus hookah

    My favourite hookah is Prometheus and Starbuzz ice hookah
  • Oduman N3

    This Hookah my wife and I have had for a year and it still does an amazing job of ripping. I love that it is easily cleanable so that even after a year we dont have any stains or bad taste. We bought it from your website and want to say Thank You for all the good times you have provided.
  • Black Shareff is one of my Favorites. Best buy from you
  • Favorite hookahs are of the Wookah line, hands down. Beautiful pieces AND exceptional quality!
  • The things I'd do to get my hands on the Starbuzz Carbine Hookah. Theres not enough overtime in the world right now!
  • I'm torn between the Regal Queen and the B2! I've never had a bad smoke session from either!
  • The starbuuz carbine was quite a hit when i tested it in a lounge. Plus the color light is great for crowds of people smoking together. But i also own the khalil mamoon style hookah and its a great home relaxer for the price and i also converted into a 2 hoses because i cant stand the fact of sharing with my wife.😈😈😈
  • I like the MYA Qt hookah. It's the same style I used when first introduced to the hookah. Its low center of gravity makes it safe and stable. Just in case you should crack the vessel, it really can be mended with the appropriate glass glue! Don't run water through the wrapped hose - blow it out.
  • I am all about that Oduman N2! I had a nice ROI once, but the tile in my old place was the end of it Frown
  • The Mya QT is a beast I absolutely love it, by far my favorite hookah!
  • The wookah is by far my favorite. Parts that never rust, large diameter pipes for smooth pulls, laser cut threads for precise fitting, and last but not least it looks and performs amazingly.
  • Surprised that KM tripple metal didn’t make it on the list 🤔
  • My favourite hookah isn’t on this list. It’s my KM tall trimetal and it smokes like a beast.
  • Best Hookah I bought this year from H-S was a B2 Reaper, Gold, with a Gold D-Hose. Perfect desk top Hookah!
  • B2 hookah shafts look sweet! I have to get one for my set up!
  • All time, I'd say the MYA Urban. An excellent all purpose hookah with beautiful design and chrome plated stainless steel for an easy clean and little flavor ghosting. On this list? The Shika Legend series are absolute cloud chasers with a glorious purge valve, but the MYA Standard class QT with crown base is perhaps the most reliable hookah I've encountered. Fully customizable, upgradeable, and affordable with just the right balance of flavor and smoke, and used by amateurs and pros alike. My lounge of choice has used QTs and Acrylics since 2007.
  • I have my eye on the Starbuzz Carbine Hookah, and I hope to get one soon! First of all, the Snow Star option looks like something straight out of Star Wars if a storm trooper spent his off-time smoking the hookah, and the Sig Grey is a smoking machine that looks like a badass Sig516 Patrol. It's a very modern hookah that just looks amazing, and is definitely an attention-grabber. The features are what seals the deal for me. I have 2 dogs that love chasing each other around, and my carpet has suffered some collateral damage when my current hookah with a classic base got bumped a couple of times, and don't even get me started on close calls and my constant fear of it getting tipped when passing the hose to friends. The Carbine's adjustable legs that create a wider, more stable base is something from a dream to me. Adding on the anxiety-reducing, rotating base is almost like cheating when it comes to offering security. Imagining passing the hose around the table to my friends with the Carbine without worrying about it getting wrapped up or bumping the hookah already steadies my heart rate, and I think these factors make it an incredible set-up. Having one of these means the dogs can run free and my mind can be worry-free whether I'm smoking solo or with friends, leaving me to enjoy the session fully. When considering the matching hose and tongs and the LED light, the Starbuzz Carbine offers an appealing set-up that competes with the other trending hookahs. When it comes down to it, my only struggle with this hookah is choosing which color option I want the most!
  • My favorite of these 10 is the kahlil Mamoon Black Shareef
  • KM Abanos Hookah. My first and only hookah. Smokes well and has withstood some not so friendly treatment from a former roommate but is still going strong.
  • I bought this year Regal queen hookah from you and I love it.

    My favourite hookah is Wookah.
  • B2! I love the look and how heavy it is! Best hookah purchase I've made
  • This is going to sound silly, but my favorite hookah is my Mya Bambino, lol. It's been my work horse for 7+ years now and it's still great. The fact that it came with a hard carrying case made it awesome for travel. It's used 90% of the time out of all my hookahs.
  • I picked up an all glass hookah a year or so ago and I don't want anything but this now. Believe it was called a Queen B hookah with built in defuser. Can't even tell you are pulling when you're pulling.
  • The evolution all glass hookahs by far are the best I have used in 15 years !
  • The mini-beast has always been my favorite. I’ve had mine 2 years and still hits, well, like a beast!
  • Regal Queen for sure.
  • My favorite hookah that I have smoked to this day is my starbuzz carbine, it travels so well and is so easy to set up. It breaks down very easily and fits in a small bag. I can take it camping and not worry about it breaking. It has incredible airflow too. The rotation feature is great for friends and the legs are great for having dogs around. They won’t knock it over. I can literally smoke any where.
  • My favorite hookah is my Shika Drogaya V3 I bought from you guys I believe almost three years ago! It has served me very well and looks great.
  • My MIG hookah is by far my favorite hookah hands down. I wish you guys sold MIGs :/
  • That Starbuzz Carbine is by far my favorite on the list. Now I know what I'm getting myself for Xmas.
  • Love Mya Qt Hookah.
  • Gotta go with the Regal hookah. Looks classy and modern at the same time. Beautiful.
  • Pat
    Amira Orion
  • I've always wanted a shika hookah. They look so unique and heccin GORGEOUS. I've never been blessed enough to smoke from one, but they are easily aesthetically my favourite. I just admire them from afar for now. Smile
  • Oduman N2 ftw!

    Carrying case, washable hose, easy to setup and puff away, easy to tear down and clean - easily the most convenient.  Plus, small carry case that packs away easy in the car, walking to a party with, easy to stash on a bike or even as part of a hiking backpack.  Fantastic build!
  • The electroplated shika has always been on my list.
  • The km black Shareef is my favorite. I have had it for awhile and still works great.
  • The Art Hookah! Though if I were to purchase another one, I'd grab the Walnut !
  • I love the look of the starbuzz carbine
  • The Wookah Walnut Hookah is my favorite. The look of this hookah is beautiful and the smoke is just as nice!
  • My favorite out of these would be the wookah for appearance.
    I’ve only ever smoked the mini beast though, and can agree it lives up to its name!
  • My favorite is the slightly smaller version of the Shika Legend the Legend Dual.....

    It's my daily smoker and I plan on getting another one soon....
  • Love my shika!!!!!! Chooochoooooo!
  • Love my carbine!  It’s amazing.  Sad my b2 reaper didn’t make the list too!
  • The Maya Qt not only is my favorie, but also my first hookah! I've had my little smoke monster for nearly a decade. Though the years I've upgraded and replaced enough pieces that it looks a bit different, but it's still my go-to hookah for parties and private smoking sessions alike!
  • Gotta go with the Wookah here though they do need to seal up the wood on the bottom of the stem! I still haven't messed with the B2 but planning on getting one soon!
  • JLJ
    you done a good thing there son. you done good.
  • The Starbuzzs hoolah look lime the collest one from this list hands with all the added feature it os [email protected]$$
  • My favorite hookah is the MIG G36. BTW October 1st is my birthday so that would be so cool if I could win the $50 for my birthday.
  • JP
    I just picked up a Shika Legend from you folks and it is absolutely killing it. Beautiful and producing big clouds!
  • Oduman N2 travel....i love me some hookah and to be able to travel with it is perfect!!!
  • The regal queen line has definitely been on my list to purchase, love its look. The Shika would be a close second though
  • On this list, I'd say the Carbine is my favorite.  I like how the hookah looks and some of the really cool features it has.  
  • Regal Redwood Melech is my favorite hookah!!
  • I love my Shika Pen-Pen the most!
  • Can't see my comment for some reason. Going with Wookah here!
  • Y’all are the best everything I ordered from y’all I have no problem and it comes right on time so pick me so I can buy more stuff 😁
  • I'm still enjoying my starbuzz little $70 special but I may have to pick up that little mya qt there. Looks super convenient!
  • I would love an oduman, but the strength and longevity of a quality metal hookah from Lhalil Mamoon is hard to pass up. The Shareef looks pretty dang hot!
  • My favorite hookah is the zstarbuzz carbine!  Wish we could afford it!
  • That Starbuzz Carbine will be my favorite hookah when I buy it! Tong
  • Thus far the favorite hookah I have is my HQ Prometheus demi. Great pipe, awesome draw, easy to clean, looks great, nice and heavy so I'm never worried about it falling over.
  • My favorite hookah is the Wookah Walnut Hookah!!
  • I will always be a Khalil mamoon smoker! The best quality out there!
  • Definitely the #1, the Black Shareef looks awesome
  • Starbuzz Carbine looks rad, and as someone who smokes mostly outside the adjustable legs would be handy!
  • Lavoo MP5-X, not just the best hookah of 2018 but of all time!
  • I would say the Shika I prefer traditional hookahs
  • I love my KM Halzone with a copper down stem that I purchased from you guys last year.
    Thank you very much.
  • My favorite are the B2 hookah stems. They look absolutely amazing with precision machined aluminum, plus the fin design, while may not be anywhere near as effective as ice, are just a great complementary look.
  • Favorite Hookah would have to be the KM Halzona
  • I think my favorite right now would have to be the B2 Reaper.
  • That B2 stem looks sick/awesome in gold, needless to say the quality is on point for all the B2 products.
    It is a Collectors’ item.
  • Black Shareef is definitely my favorite. We use Khalil at our hookah establishment and on days off that is my go to Hookah!
  • I love the Starbuzz Carbine Hookah !! I have it on my sight !!! Hopefully sooner rather than later !!
  • My favorite hookah is the KM tri-metal.
  • That shika legend hookah is gorgeous, so my votes there.
  • I would have to say any Shika is the best bang for the buck!
  • Shika legend. You can’t beat the quality of Shika.
  • My favorite would have to be the Khalil Mamoon mini beast. Small but still has some nice clouds that come from it!!
  • The mya qt is the best all around hookah good smoke and price
  • I think the Starbuzz Carbine would be my favorite. I have hiked up Alaskan mountains just to hookah at the top of a ridge. Some of the coolest experiences of my life. The all terrain feature would make accomplishing that far easier and I'm sure it hits just as hard if not harder than my hookah!
  • Wookah Walnut Hookah is my favorite!
  • Mya QTs are fantastic table toppers especially for the price but the Oduman N3 has my attention the most
  • The statbuzz carbine is my favorite!
  • I love my starrbuzz carbine
  • Wookah Walnut Hookah is best!
  • KM trimetal tall ive had it for years and still going strong
  • Probably a three-way tie between the MattPear, the VZ, and the B2.
  • Rob
    Starbuzz carbine looks pretty wild
  • I like the starbuzz carbine hookah best
  • I personally prefer glass hookahs and silicone hoses because it's so easy to clean so you never have to deal with ghosting flavors. My favorite hookah is the Lavoo MP5. It is a tank model that is built like a tank. Had a Chinese Vapor knockoff before and that thing broke in so many different places over the years I got became really good at putting it back together with liquid silicone. The Lavoo has never even had a chip in it in the two years I've owned it. It's expensive, but saves you buying numerous hookahs in the long run! My only complaint is the bowl. It's not perfect even with a Crown funnel replacement.
  • I have had my Starbuzz Carbine for a couple months now. I am a big fan.
  • My favorite is the Khalil Mamoon black shareef hookah
  • The Regal has to be my favorite of all time, it looks so sleek and smokes like a dream!
  • The My Qt is absolutely amazing for it's price. Any Mya Hookah is good.
  • My favorite is the starbuzz carbine hookah!
  • B2 hookah best looking black on black 👍🏾 Hose and base with a black wind guard! Hard!
  • I love the maya series. Being a broke college student I havent been able to afford much more lol. But based on design, the N3 is nice as hell!
  • Oduman N2 for sure wins my vote. You can’t go wrong with a reliable glass hookah and they have a real cool modern look and perfect size.
  • The wookah is the best hookah on every level, unless you are looking for something more affordable then the mya qt is that adorable every day hookah. My opinion save the money and buy the wookah the beautiful real wood is not the only selling point, the stem is well put together it was voted 2016 as the hookah of the year in a nation wide contest! You will not regret it!
  • My fav would be the QT I use mine a lot. They're not pretty to look at but its held up for years now!!
  • KM mini beast is awesome. Small hookah and still functions great.
  • The regal queen looks nice. Just got a amira saki and it’s pretty sweet.
  • I never used either of these but It would definitely be a hard decision between the B2 or Starbuzz Carbine!
  • Tom
    The Regal and the Starbuzz Carbine are both great but the Regal has been my favorite so far
  • I have the shika legend and the regal setups and they’re both nice I love the pull and the design of both hookahs
  • *******I'm so feminine and my first hookah was the Mya💕. I love the accessories, and since then I've purchased additional Mya's, i'm hooked and highly impressed with the smoke output!🔥🔥*******
  • Mya Qt Hookah is my favorite
  • Got to be the Starbuzz Challanger
  • The B2, no questions asked, no competition!
  • Mya QT has served me well for over 5 years, but I'm saving up for the Starbuzz Carbine!
  • Oduman N3.  I live a household of clumsy people and pets, so I appreciate heavy duty and low-center of gravity when it comes to my pipes.  The LED feature also makes me happy.  
  • I think that the Regal Queen Redwood Hookah is quite exquisite. Beautiful craftsmanship and design.
  • My favorite hookah has to be my Shika tall V4, I use it practically every day and it has a nice home right next to my computer desk.
  • I love my Mya Legend because my fiancé and I prefer a two hose set up. It’s super easy to clean and never rusts.  It has been very reliable for years now!
  • Oduman looks awesome...I’m going with #10
  • My favorite is the Mya Qt Hookah!
  • I'd have to go with the Khalil Mamoon Black Shareef Hookah. Khalil Mamoon hookahs are individually handcrafted in Egypt, down to the last detail, and this particular one is no exception. Best hits, best price, and best times when I've smoked mine.
  • KM tri-Metal and Regal MElech definitely my favorite and go-to's!
  • My favorite hookah hands down is my elmas. But if it was one off that list it would be the mini km beast. We have two and they are amazing!
  • We have 2 hookahs, one KM tri-color hookah, and a PLX Ice flo. We love them both! We were trying to get away from the top heavy KMs and settled on a PLX for its shorter statue, but we switch back and forth and can't decide.
  • I would say the Maya QT is the one for new and old smokers alike.....
  • Regal is hands down my go to. I've had mine for 6 years, going strong, looks beautiful, all time hookah for me.
  • I love my KM hookah, and my B2.

    I think for quality craftsmanship, the B2 hookahs have my vote for the top spot!
  • Definitely the KM Mini-Beast, owned mine for 5 years now, its built to last and hits like nothing else!
  • B2 is my all time fav but the Shika Legend is an awesome value daily pipe!

    Zak Smile
  • Khalil Mamoon Black Shareef is my favotire. I dig the sleek black look.
  • ZV
    KM mini beast is perfect for 1-2 people. I love it. easy to clean, easy to assemble, blows clouds. For more people, the KM black shareef is the best bang for the buck. Looks super slick, strong material and enjoyable hookah session!
  • I like the Oduman N2 Travel
  • After having 7 out of the 10 hookahs listed below I have to go with the b2!
  • I really liked the Starbuzz Carbine Hookah! Love the style, colors and the stabilizer legs.
  • That KM black shareef looks awesome!  
  • B2, love the sleek design and the ability to change the height.
  • My favorite hookah is my large vase Sahara Smoke vase. It's great for parties and big crowds but gives huge hits when I'm in a small group or alone. I would love to check the regal queen redwood hookah though! Its gorgeous.
  • My favorite hookah is the classic Pharaohs V12 hookah! I’ve been dying to try the new Starbuzz Carbine hookah though.
  • I like the wookah the best along with the B2 Hookah Shafts
  • I have my eye on the Oduman N3, love clear glass with ice and lights.  Also the Wookah Walnut when it comes back in stock.
  • The Mya QT Hookah is definitely my favorite. I’ve had it for a year and it has never failed me. The clouds are amazing especially with my mya freeze hose. I see why it has been a popular hookah for years. I recommend it to anyone that likes huge clouds.
  • Love the b2, smoked it once and have since found nothing like it
  • The MYA Qt is still on my top list favorite for ease of maintenance, life-cycle stamina and the ability to produce some of the cleanest clouds of smoke compared to he other taller ones that take more lung capacity to keep on chugging through a session of hookah.
  • I've still been enjoying my Sahara smoke big boy Large jinn oracle.  The versatility it can have with as many as 6 hose ports and haveing a screw on stem makes it super convenient.
  • My favorite is Fantasia Mai Tai!! But I have several!
  • Well, I just bought a Shika Scandallo from you guys, so I am hoping that is my favorite hookah. Lol.
  • The regal redwood queen because in my opinion there isn’t a hookah that has a wide open drag like a regal
  • KM mini is a great entry level hookah and just iconic. Has been consistent set up, since I have been smoking hookah.
  • Khalil mini beast is my current favorite.. Amazing smoke every time.
  • My favorites are the Khalil Mamoon Hookahs. Bought one years ago and haven’t stopped using it!
  • My favorite hookahs by far are the Myas. I’ve had a few and they’ve always done me right!
  • I think #9 due to the fact that it doesn’t require to much effort to get it going it very light weight and it could fit in any back pack. Also is one of the most popular so that must mean something lol
  • AB
    I say B 2 here amazing built. I may be buying a second in case.
  • The Mya QT is my favorite hookah
  • Out of all the hookahs I have, KM Cafe is my fave. Medium height, open draw, lightweight. Super easy and durable!
  • Starbuzz carbine hookah looks amazing, and I can’t wait to get my hands on one.
  • Starbuzz Carbine - such a unique hookah and love the tripod design.
  • The Carbine, a pain in some regards, is still responsible for massive, smooth clouds. Beyond that, the B2 is phenomenal. The Cloud Micro is fantastic as well.
  • It treated me so well for so long, the KM Double 1001 Nights has got to be my favorite
  • I really like the wookah walnut hookah. I like the colors you put together.  The glass bottom  is like an art affect.  And the silver hose really pop withe the orange. This hookah should be displayed at an art gallery.  
  • B2 is my next purchase! I got a cloud one mini earlier this year so B2 is next on my list!
  • my favorite hookah of all time is from shisha bucks the cloud micro, best hookah i ever owned compared to mya, khalil, narrmor, and starbuzz!
  • BN
    Khalil Mamoon Beast
  • Regal hands down Is the best and I’m saying that owning a starbuzz enterprise.
  • Khalil Mamoon all day. Can't beat the quality!
  • This is Jasmine and I like the halide not moan minibeast shisha I like the Slender shape of the glass and I hope I'm a winner from once thank you
  • I love love the Khalil Mamoon Shareef, that’s me 🤩
  • I've had all kinds of hookahs throughout my 15+ years of smoking. I've smoked a lot of different pipes, cheap chinese, Nammor, Mya, KM, Starbuzz, Shikah, but my all time favorite hookah is still the very first one I bought in 2003, a traditional rotator! I'm still smoking it on a daily basis and it has never let me down after all these years!
  • Definitely the shika legend!!! Thing is a beast!
  • I love the Khalil Mamoon hookahs.  Classic, stylish, and work great.
  • B2 Precious Cut Collections are the best hookahs out currently.
  • Starbuzz hookah sessions are beyond amazing and smooth, after khalil mamoon hookah’s, starbuzz you’ll literally have the best sessions , and the starbuzz carbine oh man one of the best hookah sets ive come across , its beyond soothing , if you know how to pack your bowl right it’ll last even longer , something which most people don’t know how to.
  • Starbuzz hookah sessions are beyond amazing and smooth, after khalil mamoon hookah’s, starbuzz you’ll literally have the best sessions , and the starbuzz carbine oh man one of the best hookah sets ive come across , its beyond soothing , if you know how to pack your bowl right it’ll last even longer , something which most people don’t know how to.
  • Defenitely the Khalil mamoon Shamadan! This is one of their classic hookahs with a new twist that has a big, nice smoke! I have this hookah and I hav found that plenty of lounges and cafes use the same setup! The brand itself is a great brand and definitely crafted nice 👍🏾
  • The Mya Qt Hookah is my favorite. It’s an oldie but a goodie, you can’t go wrong with a mya. They always smoke well and hold up great through the years!
  • Starbuzz Carbine is definitely my favorite 💨
  • Starbuzz Carbine Hookah Is one awesome and best of the best. And once you add Kaloud lotus plus heat management system it’s like heaven of clouds.
  • My favorite is the Khalil Mamoon Double Pear Hookah. I've had it since my last year of high school and I'm now in my last year of University.
  • These are all nice but the best hookah i've ever had is the Shishabucks hookah Smile
  • I'm so basic since I've only ever had a KM and recently got the B2. So definitely gotta go with the B2 hookah.

    No doubt I'd purchase again and prolly a reaper version to have on the go.
  • I've like the Mya hookahs (fits my price range), but the Wookah hookahs are so pretty!
  • Gonna go with the classic, Mya Qt
  • The black shareef looks hella sexy.. I personally own a km trimetal and Mya qt
  • I’m going to say Mamoon for sure.
  • The Wookah is my personal favorite from that list. The wood, seamless design, super beefy threading on the stem and base, traditional chamber, makes this hookah my number one. It’s been my daily smoker since May (I still show my regal melech love from time to time though Smile )
  • I'm a big fan of smaller portable hookahs like the Oduman N3.
  • Ash
    I have tried quite a few but if I had to pick one it would be the Mya QT. It is compact and easy to travel with. Extremely durable, manageable, and the best part, it is easy to maintain. Not big, but also not too small. It is my go to Hookah when I just want to get smoking and not waste time on assembly. I would highly recommend it as a starter hookah!
  • I love the Wookah Walnut Hookah
  • The Mya Qt Hookah will always be my favorite! I can take her anywhere!
  • Starbuzz Carbine Hookah
  • I think all look pretty awesome but #3 and #4 look pretty awesome for me.
  • Hands down, the Starbuzz Carbine is my favorite. The versatility and stability of folding legs is amazing.
  • My favorite hookah would have to be social smoke! They always seem really well made and the filtration is always on point! All around a great hookah!
  • I don't own any of the hookahs, but a friend of mine has the Starbuzz Carbine Hookah and I love it to bits! Hopefully I win so I can save a bit of money and finally get one for myself Smile
  • My favorite hookah is my Hoob Atom C.  Combined with a lotus is a long enjoyable smoke with consistent cloud.
  • The best one (in my opinion) on the list is number 4, the Starbuzz Carbine Hookah! This crazy design has me hooked and I will definitely be spreading the word!
  • I'd go for the Shika Legend hookah in that red. For my money, that's going to be what I would get.
  • Jas
    That Starbuzz hookah is amazing! The smoke is so full of flavor and just an overall clean session.
  • I've owned some pretty unique hookahs over the years but for whatever reason, the classic KM designs seem to yield the best results. From this list, my choice would be the KM Black Shareef. Although, I'd love to try that wood one, looks gorgeous, I just know what I'm going to get with my KM. It's the Toyota Tacoma of hookah. It's indestructible, reasonability priced, and will look good for many years. Plus finding parts is not hard. Lol!
    • Howdy Steve
      It's your lucky day! You have some bonus spending $. Check your account Smile Thanks for entering.
  • Mya QT hookah is absolutely my fave!
  • I love my regal, but my vote has to go the QT it's the most underrated hookah out there! Great smoke, great portability, add a small diffuser and to the downstem and it will smoke better than most hookahs on the market!
  • Khalil Mamoon Black Shareef Hookah!
  • i think the wookah walnut is the best
  • Looking at the Starbuzz Carbine as my next hookah of choice...
  • My fiancé and I have been rocking with the Khalil Mamoon for years and it still works great! We keep it clean and change out the hoses and it has lasted us about 4 years now. Awesome brand! We have two but both are Khalil Mamoon’s.
  • Star buzz carbine has been my favorite since I purchased it.
  • The B2 is one i hope to own in the future. All metal, modular, wide downstem, beautiful design
  • Khalil Mamoon Shareef all the way!!!
  • I love the khalil mamoon.. blue mist with a sprinkle of mint... merry xmas haha
  • I love the Lavoo Glass Hookahs!
  • Joe
    The KM Red Shareef is the bees knees.
  • The PLX Ice Base Hookah is what it's all about. I bought it from you guys and use the Dream Hose.
  • The Mya qt hookah is my absolute fav and I would definitely recommend it to friends and family! It smokes really smooth and is overall very nice to look at. I have it in a lavender color and it’s always a conversation piece when I pull it out to share with friends. The mya hookah hasn’t let me down yet and I’ve had it for over 5 years! ❤️❤️💨💨
  • We've been through a few but we bought the Starbuzz Carbine this year and never looked back. The swiveling stem has been amazing for passing the hose around!
  • I like the starbuzz carbine because you can take it camping with you and set it on the gravel or sand or whatever you're off ground you're on without worry of scratching the base. Plus it smokes very well!
  • I have always loved the regal queen and have hopes of getting one for myself in the future. But I have heard many good reviews about the carbine hookah.
  • I like to keep it classic my fav hookah Khalil Mamoon and I would love to have my heads on the Red Shareef Hookah. The Wookah Walnut Hookah is a beauty though.
  • Starbuzz Carbine is my new go to.
  • Oduman N2!!! Easy to travel with and overall the best!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I’m trying to collect all odumans in the future. Def a favorite, I’d recommend to everybody.
  • Regal is my favorite <3 bought from this website during a sale
  • Starbuzz Carbine. Also the Art stem has been my go to.
  • Guy
    I'm going with number 6. Shika Legend Hookah
  • Well so far my star buzz hookah has been the best but hoping to find that diamond in the rough
  • Mya Qt is my fav. Lol, It was in fact my first hookah! I still have the original heavy brass stem from like 13 years ago. Its been through so much i cant believe its not rusty or cracked, its just sooo darn sturdy! My base did break a couple times though. still through all these years it has outlived all my other hookahs! I think the newer ones have a thinner metal and are not quite as sturdy.
  • The wookah is a wishlist item for me personally but I would have to say for a reasonable price and performance the Shika Legend.
  • I really like the form and function factors of the Starbuzz Carbine hookah.
  • I love my starbuzz carbine it is a very hard hookah to tip over and the rotating feature makes it nice
  • Khalil Mamoon Tri-metal has been my favorite
  • I have about 5 hookahs, if I had to pick I’d say my favorite are the Luna mini tank and a new hookah I got called “Nube” both solid smooth and pretty quiet.
  • The B2 gets my vote. Looks slick.

    Look forward to hauling off one!
  • Khalil Mamoon km hookahs are the best classic hookahs of all time nothing will top the km hookahs
  • CP
    Starbuzz Carbine for the win!
  • I am a mya hookah girl! Simple, easy and smokes great!  However, on this list that Starbuzz Carbine Hookah looks pretty badass and I wouldn't mind buying one of those!!
  • Starbuzz Carbine Hookah No questions ask , I have 5 out of the 10 hookahs but I have to admit the starbuzz hookah does great
  • I think the cloudmicro is the best hookah for me right now
  • Ger
    The Khalil Mamoon one!!!!!! <3
  • The Mya is definitely my favorite out of everything I own. It is perfect for 1-2 people!!!
  • I love my mya petite. I’ve bought several over the years and they are the most reliable hookah I’ve ever used.
  • Plx hookah looks good in my house
  • Khalil Mamoon Shareef is my favorite!
  • i would love to own all of them
    top 3 for me would be
    Starbuzz Carbine Hookah
    Wookah Walnut Hookah
    Khalil Mamoon Black Shareef Hookah
  • I've enjoyed my Oduman N2 a whole lot. The glass is thick and durable, unlike the Round hookah I previously had purchased. However, for beginners, I suggest something from Mya. Overall, though, my vote goes to Oduman N2!
  • Regal Queen is the go to hookah for me
  • Omg! The travel hookah, of course!!! I'm about to travel to Europe for Christmas and would absolutely love to have this to accompany me! I don't think they have this model in Finland...? I could promote, lol, as I know many hookah smokers there that would probably love this! Smile it's just a bit pricy for me right now, grrrr, but a $50 gift could make it possible... ;) ♡♡♡
  • Starbuzz Carbine Hookah is by far the best hookah I've smoked out of.
  • My favorite from this list would be the Starbuzz Carbine. It seems to have some neat features to it!
  • The best I have tryed is the Wookah Walnut Hookah
  • I'm more of a traditional guy myself, so the Khalil Mamoon Black Shareef Hookah would be my #1. The matte black gives it a more modern feel without taking away from its traditional look. If I were to step away from the traditional look, the Wookah Walnut Hookah is were I would go.
  • Hands down my favorite hookah is the lavoo mp5 deluxe
  • My favorite is still my first hookah which was the Mya QT Hookah. Although I am saving up to get a Khalil Mamoon. Smile
  • The KM in my opinion is still the way to go.. but the walnut one looks really nice. Prolly my next hookah
  • The wookah wooden hookah seems really nice. I also have my good eye on the portable hookah.
  • My KM has outlasted several other hookahs I have owned (minus a broken base or two... my fault), but the Regal Queen Redwood on this list is absolutely GOREGEOUS. LOVE IT. Someday in the future I will add it to my repertoire. . . a very neat list of Top 10 though!
  • Wookah walnut would be my pick out of these, it just looks great and I'm sure it smokes well too
  • Starbuzz carbine hookah! I'd say my favorite feature is the swivel section with the hose, but I also think it's just a great hookah all around! Eventually I'd like to be able to buy one.
  • Wookah is the best right now. They make hookahs that you can leave out as furniture decorations when people come over
  • Khalil Mamoon Double 1001 Nights Ice  is my favorite. Smokes great and gives me the option to cool the smoke without pulling the stem and adjusting water levels to add ice.
  • My favorite that I use daily is my mya diva! Works like a champ and it’s super portable.
  • I agree with the previous MYA comment! MYA's smoke output it's off the chain! Great for beginners.🌬🌬🌬🌬🌬🌬🌬🌬🌬🌬🌬🌬🌬🌬🌬🌬🌬🌬🌬🌬CLOUDS ALL DAY!!!!!!
  • I've got a pretty basic Khalil Mamoon in a standard size, but I'd wish I'd gotten a mini hookah. While I appreciate the "meditative" aspect of setting up a larger hookah, I think it'd be a lot more convenient to have a smaller one (especially since I often can't smoke a whole bowl by myself with the larger ones).
  • I believe that the Khalil Mamoon Black Shareef Hookah is the best one out there
  • I’ve been a big fan of pharaoh hookahs having the Sheba and Griffin myself. Both great hookahs. Both great smoke and durability. But the best smoke I’ve had came from the Shika V4 Legend Dual. 28 inch height made it the perfect balance of a house hookah and one you can take to places.
  • I have tried several of the hookahs listed here, but not all by any means.  The Regal Queen is the best of those that I've tried, hands down.  It has a huge stem that makes for an impossibly easy draw.  It has no little gaps or grooves that are hard to clean like many of the others and it looks amazing as well.  The welds are flawless and so is the power coating, it is obvious that it was built well and will last a long, long time.
  • My favorite brand and hookah line is definitely MIG hookahs. I own a AMY deluxe hookah and a Khalil Mamoon shareeef and I can’t conplain. Both are well made beautiful pieces and smoke great. Would love to try some new shisha flavors or get new heat management device with the $50! Love your site and everything you guys have and put out. Quality!

  • best one so far that i have compare to any other hookah is the shisha bucks cloud mini
  • My favorite is the Khalil Mamoon, an absolute beast of a hookah!