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Top 10 reasons to give/get a hookah this holiday season

Top 10 reasons to give/get a hookah this holiday season

By Kyle / December 8, 2008

10. Hookahs get better miles per gallon (of water) than your car. In this economy, how can you resist? 9. Hookahs are the original Home Entertainment System with High Definition flavor. Technology is out of date as soon as you take it home, while hookahs are forever. 8. Shisha tobacco is a renewable resource. Green is the new black these days! 7. Going out is expensive.  Staying in with a hookah and friends is awesome! That darn economy again...need we say more? 6. Now your friends can invite you over for hookah instead of mooching your shisha supply. Yeah, we know you're thinking it every time someone says, "Hey man, where's your hookah?" 5. It is a well known fact that shisha smoke pacifies swarming bumblebees. Nobody wants to be swarmed by bumblebees. Protect yourself now. 4. No party is complete without a hookah.  And no hookah is complete without a party... of at least one. 3. Participate in "Take Your Hookah to Work Day." We do this every day. 2. Hookahs make a great ice breaker! There's nothing like a well-tended hookah to show the party guests who to talk to. 1. Hookah smoke makes your home smell "Shisha Fresh" year-round. So, clean up that living room and get a hookah going... you have guests coming over soon!

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