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The Chief Kaloud Artisan Describes Kaloud Pure + Free Discount Code

The Chief Kaloud Artisan Describes Kaloud Pure + Free Discount Code

By Admin / March 1, 2012

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I’d like to open up by chatting a bit about Kaloud Pure. We, the crazy bastards at Kaloud, developed Kaloud Pure because we believe that sharing a Hookah is a powerful way for people to bond; we expand on this belief by holding fast to the conviction that people bond way better when the Hookah is smooth and delicious. (I write this as I puff on some very smooth and very delicious clouds myself). So let’s start off by explaining what Kaloud Pure is. Simply put, Kaloud Pure is 100% natural flavoring extracted from actual fruit added to some other naturally occurring compounds (read as no nasty things like corn syrup, aspartame, etc.) that is specifically formulated (it took nearly two years to develop) to change the physical properties of the water in your Hookah base to make the clouds of hookah tobacco you puff smoother, cleaner, tastier, and because of the flavoring - last longer. People tell us that the clouds seem to be thicker and they are. This is because the smoothness allows you to draw in more deeply and, in the end, a thin wispy cloud is not part of a truly great Hookah experience. Next, let’s talk a little about the true value of Kaloud Pure. Kaloud Pure is specifically formulated to thrive in the water in your Hookah base. This means that you can use the Kaloud Pure you pour into your Hookah Base more than once. In fact, the Hookah I’m using as I write this has Kaloud Pure that has been in there for five days and which has been used during more than seven sessions without any noticeable degradation of quality. But what does this mean? It means that even though a $24.95 four ounce jar of Kaloud Pure can only fill 8–12 Hookah Bases that you can actually get up to 60 sessions out of one jar by reusing the Kaloud Pure, which, for those of you doing the math means that the cost of Kaloud Pure per session is only $0.42. Sure, there’s a huge taboo against reusing water in the Hookah base, and while we here at Kaloud agree with this bit of etiquette, we believe that the taboo only applies to non-Kaloud Pure infused Hookah Bases. The formulation of Kaloud Pure will keep your Hookah Base in ideal condition for many many many sessions thereby overcoming any taboo against reusing the water in your Hookah Base. Finally, let’s have a dialogue about the infinite possibilities Kaloud Pure opens up for you and the creativity that you can muster up when mixing up your next Hookah session. Kaloud Pure is flavored, albeit subtly, and this means whatever flavor of Kaloud Pure you put into your Hookah Base will influence the final taste of the puffs you draw in. For example, let’s say your favorite shisha tobacco flavor happens to be Grape and Mint. Why not try adding in a bit of Kaloud Pure Mint, or Kaloud Pure Grape, or Kaloud Pure Mint and Grape, or, even better, Kaloud Pure Mint, Apple, and Grape (trust me, it’s worth a try) to the Hookah base just to see how it enhances the flavor and makes your session something extraordinary. The colors and the flavors combine to bring something new to this common bond we all share and which we call a Hookah. This is what Kaloud as a company is all about. We will bring you more products in the near and not-so-near future that will forever change the experience of sharing and using a Hookah. Please don’t ever hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about Kaloud Pure, Hookah recipes, or anything else that is Hookah related. You can always reach me at guru [AT] Remember, this is Inhalation Inspired™! Yours very truly, Chief Kaloud Artisan

Happy Smoking!

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