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The Best Hookah Gifts Under $50 in 2023

The Best Hookah Gifts Under $50 in 2023

By double allen / November 6, 2023

Do you have a hookah smoker that you’re trying to find a gift for? There are a lot of options out there for hookahs and accessories so we’ve plucked out the best hookah gifts that are under a $50 price point.

If you know what kind of shisha your hookah lover smokes often, that’s a great option, but randomly choosing a shisha for a hookah smoker can be a little tricky so it’s best to grab them an accessory or a new hookah instead. The same goes for hookah charcoal. If you know what they use and like, hookah charcoals are an awesome gift for a hookah smoker. They can always use more coals!

Here are some great gift options to get your started on finding something special for your hookah enthusiast.

AO 912 Stainless Steel HMD

AO 912 Stainless Steel heat management device with box

This beefy heat management device is a fantastic hookah accessory for nearly any hookah bowl with its 3” diameter. The AO 912 Stainless Steel HMD is machined from one solid piece of stainless steel that provides ultra-durability. It’s available in several different colors so you can find the perfect match for any hookah set up. 

On the bottom of the AO 912 HMD are several punched out holes to allow a solid amount of airflow. There are also thin slits cut out around the bottom diameter of the AO HMD that, in combination with the raised grooves on the inside bottom, allow air to circulate around your charcoal pieces to keep them burning hot.

Where’s the lid? Not needed! Because the AO 912 HMD is made from solid steel it absorbs and distributes the heat from your charcoal more efficiently.

Kaloud Vitria Bowl & Kaloud Lotus II

Kaloud Vitria hookah bowl next to Kaloud Lotus II heat management device

The classic heat management device set up! Kaloud is the most popular brand for all things HMD. Made from high quality silicone and glass the Kaloud Samsaris Vitria bowl works with most HMDs, but it was specifically designed to work with the Kaloud Lotus heat management devices. The glass insert is removable for easy cleaning and features raised ridges on the bottom for extra airflow around your shisha. In the center is a single-hole, raised spire for easy air intake. The Samsaris Vitria will hold around 20-25g of shisha and does not require a grommet to fit on any hookah because the bowl is its own grommet!

The Lotus HMD family started with the original Lotus(+) and has expanded to now include the Lotus II, Lotus III, and Lotus III Stainless Steel! If you’re looking to grab one of these on a budget, then the Lotus II is the best bang for your buck [The Lotus+ is just over $50]!

The Kaloud Lotus II is broken down into three parts. The bottom piece has a pattern of raised grooves and cut outs to allow optimum airflow around your charcoal and features more usable interior space than the original Lotus. A removable “key” handle is used to add or remove the lid as well as rotate it for opening and closing the side vent holes. You can check out our in-depth review on the Lotus II here.

HookahJohn Flaca Hose

HookahJohn Flaca hookah hose

Hookah smokers can always use an extra hose or two. Having spare hoses is great for separating them based on flavor profiles; a hose for coffee flavors, a hose for fruity flavors, etc. helps maintain a purer flavored smoke. The HookahJohn Flaca hose is nearly perfect in its design, length, and weight and would be a huge upgrade to any standard, non-washable hookah hose or any hose that comes kitted with a hookah.

In its entirety, the Flaca hose measures at 75” in length with the handle portion being 15” on its own. The heel and handle are made from high quality, machined aerospace grade aluminum. Aluminum…you’re thinking thin and lightweight? Well, there’s enough aluminum on the handle of the Flaca hose to give it some heft that feels good in your hand. You’ll also have a pleasantly comfortable grip with machined knurling on the bottom part of the handle.

The HookahJohn Flaca hose comes with washable, soft-touch silicone tubing and is entirely washable for a long life.

Amira Wand Hookah Hose

Amira Wand hookah hose

You can try to throw around some spells with the Amira Wand hose if you want but it smokes way better. Made from high quality aluminum and soft-touch silicone tubing, the Amira Wand hose is a great, inexpensive upgrade for any hookah.

The 12” handle features a cool, clean cutaway look about halfway through with the bottom portion machined with a nice grip. Overall the Wand hose is 72” in length and it’s 100% washable. If you’re looking for an inexpensive, washable hose upgrade at a premium quality level the Amira Wand hose is it!

AO Arabesk Charcoal Holder

AO Arabesk hookah charcoal holder

An accessory that all hookah smokers should have in their kit is a charcoal holder. While there are many options available, we really enjoy the size and style of the AO Arabesk holder. Charcoal holders can be used to keep extra pieces of charcoal readily available, they can help you transport coal from your burner to your bowl, and can be a resting place for a hot HMD that needs to cool off.

The AO Arabesk Charcoal Holder is 11” in length and has a removable dish that measures 5.5” in diameter. This is a great usable size compared to some taller charcoal holders, and it looks better too with its intricate design!

Fumari Charcoal Burner

Fumari charcoal burner

For those hookah smokers that enjoy smoking with natural hookah charcoal, they’ll need a burner to light them! There are more expensive and fancier hookah charcoal burners sure but a simplified one at a nice price gets the job done just perfectly. 

The Fumari Coal Burner is a single coil burner with a 24” long power cord. It also has convenient handles on the side for easy moving. There’s a knob on the front to adjust the amount of heat, and at full blast you can have your natural coals lit in under 10 minutes.

Having a spare hookah charcoal burner on hand is always a good idea

Hookah Wind Covers

Tall, XL, and MYA Saray wind covers

Another often overlooked and versatile hookah accessory every hookah smoker should consider having on hand is a wind cover. They’re inexpensive and super useful! Hookah Wind Covers not only block drafts from hitting the charcoal on top of your bowl, they can be used to prolong the life of pieces of charcoal that are beginning to lose their heat. In addition to that, wind covers can be used to kick up the heat on your bowl without having to add extra pieces of coal. 

What size wind cover to get will depend on your hookah’s bowl stem height as well as the size of the hookah bowl in use. Typically an Egyptian XL Wind Cover can be used with most setups. For taller bowl stems or tall bowls, such as Phunnel Style Bowls, a Tall Egyptian Wind Cover is best. Smaller hookahs and shorter bowls can get by with using a MYA Wind Cover.

Coco Urth Urb Bowls

Various Coco Urth Urb hookah bowls

Hookah smokers can always use, and should have, a spare bowl at hand! You can get lost searching through all of the many different styles and shapes of hookah bowls available at Hookah-Shisha. Most hookahs today come with some sort of phunnel style bowl while some may still come with a traditional style bowl. Picking up a new bowl can upgrade your hookah setup and can help with smoking performance, especially when smoking extra molasses-y shisha like Fumari or when smoking dark leaf shisha like Tangiers

CocoUrth UrbBowls are a great way to not only upgrade a bowl you may already have but also an affordable option for a wide variety of unique styles. This is why they made this list for gift ideas. Ranging from 2.5” to 4” in height, CocoUrth UrbBowls are all phunnel style meaning each one will have a center spire with one large hole for airflow. 

The UrbBowls will hold anywhere from 15-20g of shisha depending on the style you choose. From the can-shaped Chubs to the bubbly shaped Pilz, there’s a CocoUrth UrbBowl waiting to be loaded up with your favorite shisha.

Alpaca LeRook Hookah Bowl

Alpaca LeRook hookah bowl

We didn’t want to single any one specific bowl out…yeah it did. Alpaca makes some of the most popular premium hookah bowls out there. With a unique secret blend of materials and well-engineered designs Alpaca bowls are definitely worth picking up.

Each of their designs are unique and the Alpaca LeRook is definitely one of the most versatile bowls we carry. Standing at 4.25” in height, the LeRook holds 20-25g of shisha. You can use it with foil or you can use it with an HMD, and thanks to the beveled inner lip around the rim your HMD will rest and stay put without sliding around.

The LeRook is a phunnel style bowl so there’s an inner single spire with one large hole for maximum airflow. That spire also has four distinct cut outs to help the air flow even easier.

Table Top MYA Hookahs

Variouis MYA Saray hookah pipes

We have had MYA Saray hookahs on our shelves for decades now and there’s a reason why. Known for their superiority in glasswork, MYA carries this trait into their line of hookahs. You can find all shapes and sizes of hookahs with MYA. For us, their light really shines in their tabletop hookahs!

What also makes MYA hookahs so great is their range of price points, and no matter how much you spend on a MYA hookah, you’re getting top notch quality every time. It’s for this reason that MYA hookahs make awesome gifts, for yourself :) or for someone else. For this list, being under $50, we’ve picked out just a handful of models, but there are several others from MYA to check out if you wish to spend a little bit more.

With each MYA hookah comes a standard non-washable hose and a traditional style hookah bowl. They can also be converted to a 2-hose option with the use of a MYA Hose Adapter.

  • MYA Bacci - Don’t let its size fool you! You can get the same massive clouds from this guy as you would with any larger hookah. The Bacci is 9” in height and features a matte black machined steel stem. The glass base is an intricate design and a nice, flat footprint to keep the hookah grounded even with the biggest rumbles.

  • EconoMYA QT - MYA offers their Econo Line of hookahs to help save you some coins but they’re not any less of quality. Most of us here have owned, or own, a MYA QT. Their “standard” QT is one inch taller and has a slightly different base compared to this Econo version, but both have a ridiculous durability. The Econo QT is 13” in height and is available in a wide range of colors. What’s also nice about the Econo QT is that it comes with a wire basket, or cage, that works great for portability.

  • EconoMYA Gelato -  Very similar to the Econo QT, the 13" tall Econo Gelato boasts its own unique design. The stem seamlessly blends to the base to create the look of a stack of scoops of ice cream…or gelato in this case.

  • MYA Pia - This is sort of the Bacci’s bigger brother. It stands at 12” in height and features the same matte black finish on the stem. The base shape has a ripped aesthetic and a flat bottom to help prevent any tipping.

This list is absolutely not a comprehensive list of all the great things you can find for your hookah enthusiast for under $50 but rather a list of the Best of Under $50.

Other things to consider grabbing along with one of the above mentioned products can be tongs, mouth tips, extra hose and bowl grommets, hookah foil... and the list continues!

For further reading and other guides on all things hookah, you can check out the following to help you in your selection process:

And, as always, we're here to help! If you're eyeing a specific something and have a question or need some extra advice don't hesitate to reach out to our Customer Service Team!

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